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Lab Clear Triple Gas Filter

Lab Clear Triple Gas Filter
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Price: 331.8
Product ID : DGFHP125400


Protect your expensive GC column from damage, improve productivity and reduce gas costs.

Our Triple Gas Filter provides improved gas quality for maximum protection, improved productivity and significant gas savings. Clean gases extend column life, improve sensitivity, and reduce instrument downtime. Contaminants in gases can significantly impact your analysis. Oxygen, hydrocarbons and moisture can cause loss of sensitivity and accuracy of the GC, and damage your column. Installing a Triple Gas Filter in the gas line immediately before the instrument inlet greatly reduces the level of impurities, thus improving trace analysis. Contaminants entering your GC column will also be reduced, which is critical for high temperature analysis and essential for longer column lifetime.

Replacing the filters when they have reached absorption capacity ensures maximum protection of your GC columns and analytical hardware. The sensitive indicators change color, alerting you that the filter needs to be replaced.

A Triple Gas Filter allows you to use 99.996% pure helium instead of the more expensive 99.999% or 99.9999% grade, while still yielding high quality analytical results. This can save up to 30% per instrument in gas expense.


  • Deliver clean gases for accurate analyses
  • Economical, with immediate payback
  • Highly sensitive filter indicators provide maximum instrument protection


Moisture Capacity:
19 grams of water from an air stream at 10% RH at 20 °C & 1 atm pressure

Oxygen filtration at normal flow rate:
447 scft of inert gas (about 1.5 standard 300 cft cylinders) with 10 ppm oxygen


Body material: Cast acrylic
Caps: Gold-colored anodized aluminum
Fittings: 1/8” nickel-plated brass with stainless 60 μm frits
Fill material: 13X Molecular Sieve & Indicating Drierite®/Activated Carbon/Q-5 Catalyst
Volume: 400 mL
Activated carbon material: 130 mL
Approximate length: 14”
Approximate diameter: 2”
Maximum operating pressure: 120 psi
Maximum operating temperature: 100 °C
Nominal flow rate: 5 liters per minute
Pressure drop: (6.6 mm water)/(liter per minute air flow)