Apiezon® N Greases

Apiezon® N Greases
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Product ID : N25
N25 Apiezon N, Size=25 g.tube


Cryogenic High Vacuum Grease, Silicone and Halogen Free

This is similar to Grease L but contains a high molecular weight polymeric hydrocarbon additive which gives it a tenacious rubber consistency allowing the grease to form a cushion between the mating surfaces. The physical nature of Grease N makes it one of the most popular greases for use as a combined high vacuum lubricant and general purpose laboratory lubricant, particularly in burette taps. Grease N has an estimated vapor pressure at 20 °C of 8 x 10-10 torr, and, as with greases M and L, is recommended for use up to temperatures of about 30 °C.


Property Grease N
Vapor Pressure at 20 °C, torr 8x10-10
Approximate Melting Point 43
Specific Gravity at 20 °C
30 °C
Viscosity cP at 20 °C
100o C
Average Molecular Weight 2100
Coefficient of Expansion per °C * 0.00072
Thermal Conductivity w/m/°C 0.189
Specific Heat at 25 °C, cal/g (b)
Latent heat of fusion, cal/g 15.0
Volume resistivity, ohm cms 2.0x10+16
Permitivity 2.3
Loss tangent <.0001
Surface breakdown, kV at flash over 27
Electric strength, volts/mil 820

* Over temperature range 20 to 30o C
(a)  Greases AP101 and H do not melt at high temperatures and consequently many of the above physical properties cannot readily be measured
(b)  Specific heats of Greases L, M, N and T cannot be measured as their fusion peaks are too close to room temperature.


PRECAUTIONS: Apiezon Products - Health and Safety

Apiezon products have been widely and safely used in vacuum distillation apparatus in both industry and laboratories for a number of years. As a result they should not present a health hazard assuming normal standards of industrial hygiene and safety are followed in their handling.

All Apiezon products are bases on petroleum products of a low order of acute toxicity. However, certain individual develop a rash after repeated contact. Therefore, it is recommended that gloves be worn to handle Apiezon. If Apiezon material is inadvertently in contact with the skin, wipe the area carefully, then cleanse thoroughly using a mild soap. Should any Apiezon products be heated for application, vent the fumes and avoid breathing the warm vapors.

In terms of explosion and fire, Apiezon products are considered non-hazardous.


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