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Adixen 2005 "I" Series Vacuum Pumps

Adixen I Series Rotary Vane 2 Stage Pumps
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Price: 3000
Product ID : 205AEMLAM


  • Mass Spectrometers
  • GC/MS
  • LC/MS
  • Electron microscopes
  • Residual Gas Analyzers
  • Sterilizers

"I" series rotary vane pumps incorporate all the Adixen expertise in product design; they address all major requirements of the most sensitive applications of analytical instruments.


  • Voltage Ranges
    • High Voltage: 180V to 254V 50/60 Hz
    • Low Voltage: 90V to 132V 50/60Hz
  • Voltage range is determined by the position of a simple rocker switch, enabling the pump to be configured easily, without need for hard wiring.
  • Indication of voltage range is visible through a window provided in the box cover.
  • On/Off switch controls pump operation (optional)
  • IEC socket allows flexibility for a wide choice of power lead terminations.
  • Complies with major international electrical standards: UL/CSA/CE.
  • Protection level: IP43 (TEFC type)
  • Thermally protected. (automatic reset)

High Performance

The forced lubrication system which includes a built-in oil vane pump, enables high performance from atmosphere to the 10-4 mbar range. Low backstreaming rate, pumping stability even for light gases are the results of the advanced engineering design of the "I" series pumps.

Low Noise Level

Specific work on both the pump and the motor design has reduced noise levels and irritating frequencies. A noise level of 49 dBA is a typical value for "I" series rotary vane pumps.

Easy to Use

In order to facilitate maintenance actons or routine inspections, all controls and service access are located on the front of the oil casing.

Compact Design

Reduced dimensions, retractable handle, combined with the choice of horizontal or vertical positioning of inlet and exhaust ports allow easy integration in space-limited areas.

Optimized Tightness

Efficient and reliable anti-suckback system is activated by the oil pump. For all static components attached to the oil-casing or central housing, sealing is secured by O-rings. External shaft sealing arrangement can be renewed easily, without dismantling the pump, using the specific shaft seal kit.

Universal Single-Phase Motor

In order to meet one of the major requirements of international OEM's, "I" series pumps feature a unique single-phase motor covering all world-wide electrical supplies. In addition, this motor complies with all major electrical standards: UL/CSA/CE.


Specific Dimensions
Model L (mm)
2005 228
Units 2005i
Nominal Pumping Speed - 50Hz (*) m3/h 5.4
Nominal Pumping Speed - 60Hz (*) cfm 3.8
Pneurop Pumping Speed - 50Hz (*) m3/h 4.8
Pneurop Pumping Speed - 60Hz (*) cfm 3.4
Ultimate Partial Pressure (*) mbar 10-4
Ultimate Total Pressure (*) Closed Gas Ballast mbar 2 x 10-3
Ultimate Total Pressure (*) Opened Gas Ballast mbar 10-2
Water Vapor Capacity - 50/60Hz g/h 120/110
Water Vapor Pressure - 50/60Hz mbar 35/25
Noise Level - 50Hz (**) dBA 48
Noise Level - 60Hz (**) dBA 50
Weight kg (lbs) 25 (55)
Maximum Nominal Power Rating - 50/60Hz kW 0.45/0.55
Minimum Ambient Temperature °C (°F) 12 (54)
Maximum Ambient Temperature °C (°F) 45 (113)
Oil Capacity l 0.83
Inlet/Exhaust Flanges ISO-KF DN25

(*) - According to Pneurop specifications; with Adixen mineral oil

(**) - typical values, according to Pneurop specifications

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