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Thermo/Finnigan OWA and 3000 Ceramic Body Filament

Thermo/Finnigan OWA and 3200 Ceramic Body Filament
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This filament was designed for the Thermo/Finnigan MAT 3200 as well as the 1020 and OWA® series mass spectrometer. Our ceramic body one piece construction provides maximum strength, is self-aligning, and will minimize filament sagging. As can be seen in the photograph on the right, the spacer normally used on the metal style filaments is not required for these filaments. Approximately 3" (.040" diameter) silver wire leads can be cut to your required length. Attachment can be made to the existing mass spec wires with stainless steel connectors (part #SC1).

  Ceramic Filament

Part No. OD (in)ID (in)Length (in) Quantity
In Stock
FF3200 SIS Ceramic Body Finnigan MAT 3200/OWA Filament
--------- DISCONTINUED ---6 or more: 5% off.---
SC1 Stainless Steel Connector, HP Inline, HP #05930-20441, Finnigan #04002-20040
0.1280.0570.305 0Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 7 days. $11.00§10 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.

OWA® is a registered trademark of the Finnigan MAT Corp.

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