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Push-On Crimp Contact/Thermocouples

Push-On Crimp Contact/Thermocouples
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The standard Push-On Crimp Connector is made of beryllium copper and is a good general electrical connector for applications at up to 10 amps.

Electrical Connectors designed for use with thermocouples and are made with Chromel® or Alumel® metal for use with wires up to 0.050" dia.. They maybe used in most standard MIL-C-5015 connector plugs.

  • Beryllium copper, Chromel or Alumel
  • Operational to 400 °C in vacuum and 150 °C in air
  • Max. current: 10 Amps


Part No. MaterialWire Size(A) Quantity
In Stock
A20442 Beryllium Copper.062" 67 $10.2510 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.
B119112 Beryllium Copper.050" DISCONTINUED ---10 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.---
B112882 Beryllium Copper.032" 97 $10.7510 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.
B112595 Chromel Thermo.050" INACTIVE ---10 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.---
B112596 Alumel Thermo.050" INACTIVE ---10 or more: 5% off; 50 or more: 10% off.---
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