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CTC LC Syringes

CTC LC Syringes
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Part No. VolumeLengthGaugeODBarrel ODSyringe Code Stock/
Lead Time
UOM Price Order
002710 Fixed Needle
10 µL2"22s0.028"6.810F-CTC-LC DISCONTINUEDEA------
003715 Fixed Needle
25 µL2"22s0.028"7.825F-CTC-GT-LC DISCONTINUEDEA------
0318922 Spare Plunger for 003715
------------------ DISCONTINUEDEA------
005715T Fixed Needle
100 µL2"22s0.028"6.8100F-C/T-GT-LC MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
005720 Fixed Needle
100 µL2"22s0.028"6.8100F-C/T-GT-LC(0.41) DISCONTINUEDEA------
0318924 Spare Plunger for 005715/005720
------------------ DISCONTINUEDEA------
006720 Fixed Needle
250 µL2"22s0.028"7.8250F-CTC-GT-LC(0.41) DISCONTINUEDEA------
0318926 Spare Plunger for 006720
------------------ DISCONTINUEDEA------
007720 Fixed Needle
500 µL2"22s0.028"7.8500F-CTC-GT-LC(0.41) DISCONTINUEDEA------
0318928 Spare Plunger for 007720
------------------ DISCONTINUEDEA------
005330 Removable Needle
100 µL2"22s0.028"6.8100R-C/T-GT-LC DISCONTINUEDEA------
038250 N25/500-LC 500UL NEEDLE PK5
------------------ DISCONTINUEDEA------
031826 Spare Plunger for 005330
------------------ DISCONTINUEDEA------
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