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SGE Diamond MS Syringes and Needles



Lowest Syringe Carryover

The unique design of Diamond MS syringes and removable needles ensures carryover is reduced to levels lower even than the best fixed needle syringes available. In the event of needle damage, Diamond MS needles provide a cost effective alternative to purchasing an entire fixed needle syringe.


Improve the sensitivity of your MS analysis:

  • Lowest syringe carryover
  • Reduced non specific sample interaction and increased analye recovery
  • Ultra smooth removable needles with choice of surface treatment. SGE understands how important your MS results are, and how precious your sample is. Diamond MS syringes and needles are MS ready and designed to improve the sensitivity of your MS results.

Diamond MS syringes have unbeatable clean-ability thereby further reducing carryover

Anything in the sample flow path can interact with your sample and impact your results, so SGE has developed ‘Ultra Smooth’needles to reduce non specific interaction between your sample and the needle.


Reduce non-specific interaction and increase sample recovery

To reduce non specific sample interaction even further, there are two needle coating options available to avoid sample interactions due to hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity. 3 Ultra Smooth needles available for you to choose based on your sample properties:

The Choice for Sensitivity

How to choose your MS ready syringe and needle for improved sensitivity:

  1. Choose a manual syringe or one specifically designed for your instrument
  2. Select the syringe capacity
  3. Choose the needle geometry – LC or GC injections, tip design and needle dimensions
  4. Choose which 'Ultra Smooth' needle best suits your application