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Product ID : SNOOP8
SNOOP8 Size=8 oz. Snoop SNOOPG Size=1 gal. Snoop


SNOOP is recommended for use in leak testing any pressurized gas system such as air, argon, nitrogen, helium, etc. SNOOP can also be used in gas pressure testing liquid lines or vacuum systems. It is quite common to apply a 10 to 15 psi gas test on these systems to insure leak-tight integrity before introducing the liquid system fluid or pulling vacuum.

SNOOP is packaged in a squeezable plastic bottle containing a flexible SNOOPER Tube which is extendible to 12 inches. The end of the SNOOPER tube in the bottle must be below the SNOOP liquid level line when the bottle is upright. The container may be used like an oil can to get into hard-to-reach spots. SNOOP is applied in a solid stream by squeezing the bottle while holding the end of the SNOOPER Tube at the joint or area being inspected. There is no need to invert the SNOOP bottle. The SNOOPER Tube allows application to the top or bottom of a suspected connection with the bottle held upright.


8-Ounce Bottle:
SNOOP in a squeezable 8-ounce plastic bottle, with a SNOOPER Tube extendible to 12 inches, can be conveniently carried in a pocket or toolbox on those jobs where many connections must be tested.

1- Gallon Bottle:
SNOOP is also available in 1-gallon plastic containers for use in filling small trays or tanks for immersion leak-testing of small pressurized components. It may also be used as a supply for refilling the smaller 8-ounce bottles. To refill an 8-ounce squeezable plastic bottle, simply pry out the plug and SNOOPER Tube assembly, refill from 1-gallon container, and snap the assembly back in place.


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