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Telatemp TEMP 300 DUALOGR Thermocouple Logging Thermometer

Telatemp Temp 300 DUALOGR Thermocouple Logging Thermometer
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The Temp-300 DUALOGR Thermocouple Thermometer features real-time datalogging and a USB data output. Meter accepts dual inputs from type J, K, T, E, R, S, N, or B thermocouples probes with miniconnector. This robust and reliable meter works in any environment from the lab to the production floor. Sturdy armored construction protects against knocks and jars. Sealed keypad and ABS plastic case meet IP54 standards for splash resistance. Ergonomically designed housing is ideal for both large and small hands alike.

Large, illuminated display features easy-to-read digits. The seven-button control panel and intuitive on-screen menus guide you in choosing your desired functionality. Additional meter features include Min/Max, Hold, and average functions; temperature units in °F, °C, °R, or K; offset; time tamp/clock; countdown timer; out-of-range alarm with audible/visible indicator; auto shutoff; and low-battery indicator. Order an optional AC adapter to conserve battery life during extended operations.

Manually store or automatically log up to 2000 sets of readings in real time. Log interval is selectable from 1 second to 60 minutes. Take differential temperature measurements with the T1/T2 function. The dot matrix display simultaneously indicates the readings of each probe, as well as the differential reading. For improved readability during rapidly changing temperatures, the meter resolution is keypad selectable. Above 999.9 °, the meter automatically switches from 0.1 ° resolution to 1 ° resolution, below -99 °C the meter autoranges to 1 °C resolution.

The DUALlogR Temp-300 thermometer is individually factory calibrated. Automatic field calibration is easily performed for either a single- or dual-point calibration for each probe. Simply place the probe in a container packed with ice, fill with water, activate the calibration function and the meter automatically recognizes the freezing point.

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