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Posted 4/29/96

SIS Mass Spec Source Newsletter - On Line - May 1996

The May 1996 issue of the SIS Mass Spec Source Newsletter was just mailed to our customers on May 25, 1996. In addition we are making the contents available on the Internet. The format is slightly different, but all the information and much more is present here. 

Posted 4/29/96

ASMS 96 Meeting in Portland Oregon

Scientific Instrument Services will once again be present at this years ASMS meeting. The meeting will be held the week of May 12-16, 1996 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

Because this years meeting is being held in a convention center and attendees will be staying at a number of hotels the format of many of the meetings programs have been changed. 

Posted 4/29/96

SIS Hospitality Suite at the ASMS 96 Meeting in Portland Oregon

Join SIS at our Hospitality Suite for a Yogurt Sundae
Monday and Tuesday 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm 
     ASMS Convention Room A103 

SIS has reserved a room in the convention center, which will be open Monday and Tuesday during the meeting as follows:
SIS Meeting Room at ASMS Convention: Room A103 
     General Open Hours: 
         Monday and Tuesday 
         This room will be open to all during the following hours as established by ASMS 
         12:30 pm to 2:00 pm - Join us for a Yogurt Sundae 
          5:50 pm to 7:30 pm - Join us to discuss your needs
In addition our meeting room will be open at other times for private conference meetings. If you would like to spend some time with the Staff of SIS, plan to stop by and see us during the general open hours listed above or give us a call to schedule a conference meeting to discuss any of our products or services or to discuss your particular requirements of SIS. We look forward to the ASMS meeting each year. We get a lot of new ideas for new products as well as suggestions as to how we can better serve you. We appreciate the opportunity to meet with you either in our meeting room or at one of the many posters that we will be presenting. We would be happy to discuss our capabilities and offer our expertise regarding custom instrument modifications or designs for new products. Our goal is to serve the needs of the mass spectrometer community. 

Posted 4/29/96

SIS Poster Session at the ASMS 96 Meeting in Portland Oregon

Manufacturers Poster Session - All Days
SIS on the World Wide WEB 
     John Manura, Christopher Baker, Steven Colby and Santford Overton 
Monday - May 13, 1996 - SIS Poster Sessions
The Design of a New Direct Probe Inlet for a Mass Spectrometer
     Christopher Baker and John Manos 
Application of SIMION 6.0 to Filament Design for Mass Spectrometer Sources 
     Christopher Baker, Steven Colby and John Manura 
Tuesday - May 14, 1996 - SIS Poster Sessions
Volatile Organic Composition in Blueberry
     Santford Overton and John Manura 
Thursday - May 16, 1996
Application of SIMION 6.0 to Problems in Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry 
     Steven Colby and John Manura 
Delayed Extraction and Laser Desorption: Time-lag Focusing and Beyond 
     Steven Colby Santford Overton and John Manura 
Hyperlink to any of the above titles to view an abstract on the above posters. One particular paper of importance to the mass spectrometer user is the poster presentation on Thursday by Sandy on Pump Oils for vacuum pumps. For this paper we ran 2 vacuum pumps with 2 different oils (Inland 19 & Invoil 45) for three months. Oil samples were removed every week and analyzed via purge and trap GC/MS. The two pump oils were then compared to demonstrate the degradation of these oils and to show why pump oils should be changed frequently. Steven Colby will also be presenting several posters to demonstrate the use of the SIMION 3D software in the design of mass spectrometer sources (Monday) and in Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers (Thursday). Additional applications of Simion can also be discussed with Steve at our hospitality suite. 

Posted 3/15/96

NEW Edwards Vacuum Pumps Now Available from SIS

SIS has just acquired a dealership for the Edwards line of Vacuum pumps and Diffusion pumps. We have had many requests from our customers to carry the Edward vacuum rough pumps as replacements for their mass spectrometers. Many manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard use the Edwards pumps in their new mass spectrometers. In addition many users prefer the Edwards pumps because they are much quieter than other direct drive rough pumps on the market. We have carried the Alcatel line of pumps for many years and will continue to carry both the Alcatel and Edwards lines of Vacuum Pumps and accessories. Give us a call with your requirements. 

Posted 2/12/96

NEW Micro Cryo-Trap to be Introduced at Pitt Con by SIS

SIS has developed a new 1.0" long GC Cryo-Trap for trapping volatiles at the front of a GC column. This new product will be introduced at PittCon in March. We have conducted studies that have shown that the trapping region in the GC Cryo-Trap can be 1.0 inch or less in length. The new Micro GC Cryo-Trap uses less than 3% of the cooling gas that would be required to cool the entire GC oven and less than 1/4 the cooling gas used to cryo-trap via other trapping devices on the market. The result is more efficient trapping of volatiles at temperatures down to -70 degrees C using liquid CO2 and down to -180 degrees C using liquid nitrogen. In addition the trap can be heated up to 400 degrees C at a ballistic ramp rate of about 1000 degrees per minute to rapidly and efficiently release the volatile organics. Additional details are listed on the Micro Cryo-Trap pages and Application Note 38 fully describes this product. 

Posted 2/10/96

NEW SIMION 3D Ion Optics Modeling Software from SIS

SIS is now your dealer for SIMION 3D Ion Optics Modeling Software. For detailed information on SIMION see the SIMION Section. Simion is now available at a special introductory price of only $495.00

Simion 3D version 6.0 is a new PC based ion optics simulation program designed for modeling ions mass spectrometers and other ion optic instruments. At SIS we use this program to design new mass spectrometer filaments and to study mass spec source design. Manufacturers of electron multipliers use this software to design their detectors and instrument designers use it to design new instruments and to maximize the sensitivity of the instruments. Use this powerful software to study ion source and detector optics in time-of-flight, quadrupole, ion trap and magnetic sector mass spectrometers in order to discover improvements that can be made to your instruments as well as to develop new instrument designs.

Steve Colby is responsible for the addition of this new product to SIS and can answer your technical questions on SIMION. Steve plans several posters for presentation at ASMS and will be there to answer your questions. You can reach Steve at (908) 788-5550 or via e-Mail

Posted 2/10/96

NEW Scientific Software Available from Scientific Instrument Services

In addition to the SIMION software, SIS can now supply more than 2000 other software titles for the mass spectrometer user, chemist, scientist or engineer. These products include software for data analysis, quality control, laboratory management, CAD, data compression, plotting, process control, word processing, drawing, presentation, modeling, simulation and much more. To find the software product that you have been looking for visit the Software pages now under construction or .

Posted 2/10//96

New Application Notes available on the WEB

The following Application Notes are now on our WEB pages. These Application Notes cover research and the papers presented at the 1995 EAS meeting and the 1996 Pittsburgh Conference.
The following papers were presented at EAS, November 1995
Application Note 28 - Analysis of Volatile Organics in Latex Paints by Automated Headspace Sampling and GC Cryo-Focusing

Application Note 32 - Selection and Use of Adsorbent Resins for Purge and Trap Thermal Desorption Applications

Application Note 35 - Volatile Organic Composition of Cranberries

Application Note 36 - Identification of Volatile Organic Compounds in a New Automobile

Application Note 37 - Volatile Organic Emissions from Automobile Tires

The Following papers are to be Presented at Pitt Con, March 1996
Application Note 29 - Analysis of Volatile Organics in Oil Base Paints by Automated Headspace Sampling and GC Cryo-Focusing

Application Note 38 - A New Micro Cryo-Trap for Trapping of Volatiles at the front of a GC Column

Application Note 39 - Comparison of Sensitivity of Headspace GC, Purge and Trap Desorption and Direct Thermal Extraction Techniques for Volatile Organics

Application Note 40 - Comparison of Septa by Direct Thermal Extraction

Application Note 41 - Hydrocarbon Production in Pine by Direct Thermal Extraction

Other Application Notes - not presented at meetings
Application Note 34 - Selection of Thermal Desorption and Cryo-Trap Parameters in the Analysis of Teas 

Posted 1/28/96

Scientific Instrument Services at Pitt Con 96 - Booth # 2441

SIS is finalizing its plans for this years Pitt Con meeting scheduled for March 3-8, 1996 in Chicago, IL. Our booth will feature the Short Path Thermal Desorption System, our new Micro Cryo-Trap, Mass Spec and GC supplies and services and other new products. Plan to stop by and see us at booth #2441.

SIS Presentations at Pitt Con 96

The following is a list of papers and posters to be presented by Scientific Instrument Services at Pitt Con 96. Hyperlink on the paper to see an extended abstract. In many cases the complete paper is present in our Internet pages. You can hyperlink to the complete paper from the abstract.

(019P) - Comparison of Septa by Direct Thermal Extraction, Santford Overton, John Manura

(021P) - Comparison of Sensitivity of Headspace GC, Purge and Trap Thermal Desorption and Direct Thermal Extraction Techniques for Volatile Organics, John Manura, Santford Overton

(023P) - A New Micro Cryo-Trap for the Trapping of Volatiles at the Front of a GC Capillary Column, Chris Baker, John Manura, John Manos

(362P) - Hydrocarbon Production in Pine by Direct Thermal Extraction, Santford Overton, John Manura

(381P) - Detection and Identification of Volatiles in Oil Base Paints by Headspace GC with on Column Cryo-Trapping, John Manura

(1112) - Analysis of Motor Oils Using Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, Santforn Overton, John Manura. 

Posted 1/27/96

New High Sensitivity Multiplier for the HP 5970 MSD
A new high sensitivity electron multiplier for the HP 5970 MSD is now in stock from S.I.S. This new multiplier (Galileo Model 5772) is manufactured by Galileo for S.I.S. and will improve the performance of your MSD by a factor of at least 4 times. This is accomplished by improving the signal to noise ratio through new design changes which have been engineered into this multiplier. Receive a FREE HP Model 20S Scientific Calculator with the purchase of each Galileo model 5772 multiplier.

Model 5772 multiplier for the HP 5970 - $745.00

High Sensitivity Multiplier for the HP 5971, 5972 & GCD MSD's
A new high sensitivity multiplier is also available for the HP 5971, 5972 and GCD instruments. The new Galileo Model 5778 .

Model 5778 multiplier for the HP 5971, 5972 and GCD - $695.00 

Posted 1/23/96

New Product Development Manager at SIS

SIS has created a new position of Product Development Manager as part of our efforts to expand the capabilities and products that we supply to the mass spec community. Steven Colby was selected to fill this position. Steven comes to us from Indiana University where he received his PhD under the direction of Jim Reilly. Steven has an excellent background in mass spectrometer design. In particular he has done extensive work in the design and operation of Laser Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers. Steven's main responsibilities will be to develop new accessories for mass spectrometers. Already several projects and new product lines are in the works to be introduced in the near future. If you are looking for help in the design of an accessory for your instruments or are interested in SIS manufacturing and marketing your discoveries, give Steven a call.

Steven Colby - Product Development Manager, SIS

Phone: (908) 788-5550

FAX: (908) 806-6631 

Posted 1/23/96

Chris Baker - Promoted to General Manager of SIS

Chris Baker has been promoted to the position of General Manager of SIS. In this position, Chris is responsible for the overall operation of the manufacturing and repair facilities at SIS, as well as the development of new manufacturing and repair processes. Chris will be working with Steve Colby to develop new working relationships with OEM manufacturers and customers to develop new products and manufacturing services for SIS. Chris has been with SIS for 14 years.

Christopher Baker - General Manager, SIS

Phone (908) 788-5550

FAX: (908) 806-6631 

Posted 1/1/95

Happy New Year - 1996

On behalf of the staff of Scientific Instrument Services I want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

Our Internet site has been a great success. We thank all of you who have responded with your e-Mail messages of encouragement. We have a lot more planned to include in our pages on the Internet for 1996. We just completed the section on Mass Spec Supplies and Services from our catalog. We also have the sections on Thermal Desorption, Adsorbent Resins and the GC Cryo-Trap on Line. Eventually our entire catalog will be on line. Below are a few of the statistics on the response to our Internet Pages.

                      Sep. 1995      Oct. 1995        Nov. 1995     Dec. 1995 
Unique Host Computers     420             598            1,581         2,000
Total Hits  /           10,400          13,084           36,499        50,000
kilobytes transferred  33,000          40,835          105,804       120,000

Posted 1/1/95

SIS Employees Recognized for Outstanding Contributions

Four members of the SIS staff were recognized by the management of SIS for their outstanding performances which led to the growth and expansion of Scientific Instrument Services during the past year. We thank these individuals as well as all the members of our staff for their outstanding effort to serve our customers. The following awards were presented at 1995 Christmas party.

John Manos - For the design and development of 2 new models of the GC Cryo-Trap which will be introduced at Pitt Con this year.

Allen Singer - For the development of the Graphics Arts Services and Large Color Output as a viable new business venture for SIS.

Tony Dudick - For extra efforts made during the installation of our new AS400 Computer System and the integration of the new software to improve the operation and efficiency of our office operations.

Carmela Lane - For accomplishments made in the expansion of our international sales. As the result of these efforts our international sales were up more than 30% in 1995. 

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