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Turbomolecular Pump Repair Kits

Catalog F22
Turbomolecular Pump Repair Kits
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Turbomolecular pump repair kits are available from Eagle Instrument Services. Are you tired of simple bearing replacements causing downtime while you ship your turbo pumps out for repair? Now there is a solution! Turbo Kits. Specially designed parts and manuals for easy bearing and seal replacements without the hassle or downtime of sending your pumps out for repair. We work closely with some of the leading manufacturers to ensure that our kits are supplied with the best possible parts.

Note: Each repair kit comes with top grade bearings, seals, O-Rings and where appropriate wicks and felts.

Note:Tool Kit and a Repair Kit will be needed to repair your pump. The tool kit will only need to be purchased once for each type of pump. The repair instructions and special tools come with the tool kits.

Note: Each tool kit contains all the special tools and standard tools necessary to repair your turbo molecular pump as well as instructions for repair.

Part No. Description BrandModel Quantity
In Stock
UOM Price Order
Turbomolecular Pump Repair Kit
B050RK Repair Kit PfeifferTPH/U-050 DISCONTINUEDKT------
B060RK Repair Kit PfeifferTPH/U-060/062 DISCONTINUEDKT------
B065RK Repair Kit PfeifferTPH/U-065 DISCONTINUEDEA------
B071RK Repair Kit PfeifferTPH/U-071 DISCONTINUEDEA------
B170RK Repair Kit PfeifferTPH/U-170 DISCONTINUEDKT------
B330RK Repair Kit PfeifferTPH/U-330/270 DISCONTINUEDEA------
B510RK Repair Kit PfeifferTPH/U-510 DISCONTINUEDKT------
L150RK Repair Kit LeyboldTMP-150/151 DISCONTINUEDKT------
L360RK Repair Kit LeyboldTMP-360/361 DISCONTINUEDKT------
L450RK Repair Kit LeyboldTMP-450 DISCONTINUEDKT------
L600RK Repair Kit LeyboldTMP-600 DISCONTINUEDKT------
L1000RK Repair Kit LeyboldTMP-1000 DISCONTINUEDKT------
V60RK Repair Kit VarianV60 DISCONTINUEDKT------
V70RK Repair Kit VarianV70 DISCONTINUEDKT------
V250RK Repair Kit VarianV250 DISCONTINUEDKT------
V300RK Repair Kit VarianV300 DISCONTINUEDKT------
V301RK Repair Kit VarianV301 DISCONTINUEDKT------
V550RK Repair Kit VarianV550 DISCONTINUEDKT------
Turbomolecular Pump Tool Kit
EB060TK Tool Kit PfeifferTPH/U-060/062/065/071 DISCONTINUEDKT------
EB170TK Tool Kit PfeifferTPH/U-110/170 DISCONTINUEDKT------
EB330TK Tool Kit PfeifferTPH/U-330/510 DISCONTINUEDKT------
EL150TK Tool Kit LeyboldTMP-150/151 DISCONTINUEDKT------
EL360TK Tool Kit LeyboldTMP-360/361 DISCONTINUEDKT------
EL450TK Tool Kit LeyboldTMP-450 DISCONTINUEDKT------
EV60TK Tool Kit VarianV60/70 DISCONTINUEDKT------
EV250TK Tool Kit VarianV250 DISCONTINUEDKT------
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