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Price: 94.05
Product ID : 789003
789003 NEOLUBE #1-2 OZ


Neolube is used to coat the threads on fittings to assure a smooth operation. Neolube is graphite dissolved in Isopropanol solvent. Within minutes of application the Isopropanol evaporates off leaving only graphite to lubricate the threads. No oils or other high boiling contaminants are present to contaminate vacuum of high purity systems.

Neolube No. 1 is a dry film, conductive lubricant, used in many applications as an anti-seize compound, thread lubricant and for lubricating moving parts and rubbing surfaces.

The composition of this material is 99% pure furnace graphite particles in Isopropanol. The material has excellent radiation resistance and high chemical purity. The thin, non corrosive film of Neolube 1 prevents seizing, frettign, galling and resists abrasion. It is easy to apply by spray, brush or dip and has excellent adhesion after a fast air dry. It does not migrate and it is non freezable. Neolube No 1 allows for easy assembly and non destructive disassembly. It has the properties which enable it to be used for lubrication in internal and external applications.


  • Graphite carbon in Isopropanol solvent
  • Coat threads for smooth operation
  • No oils or other high boiling contaminants


Physical Properties of Neolube
Total Solids Content, weight percent 3.3% +/- 0.5%
Maximum particle dimension of 90% of particles 4 Microns
Maximum particle dimension of any particle 10 microns
Lubricant Processed micro graphite
Binder Thermoplastic resin
Dilutent Isopropanol
Consistency Thin liquid
Shelf life No limit in closed container
Temperature range -70 deg F - 400 deg F
Color Black
Flash Point 52 deg F
Coeffecient of friction 0.030 - 0.090

Neolube is ideal to coat the threads for the desorption system. Needles and fittings go on much easier and no system contamination occurs.

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