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Shimadzu QP2010 Filament

Shimadzu QP2010 Filament
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Price: 175
Product ID : SIS2010QP
SIS2010QP Wire=Rhenium [standard] Shimadzu QP2010 Filament SIS2010QPA Wire=SISAlloy Shimadzu QP2010 Filament

QP2010 Filament

This filament is redesigned and manufactured by SIS. The filament posts are vacuum brazed into the ceramic in our shop and fitted with a rhenium filament wire. This is a direct replacement for Shimadzu Part No. 225-10340-91

SISAlloy QP2010

SIS is also offering this filament with our SISAlloy® wire.

SIS introduces their new Yttria Rhenium alloy filaments for mass spectrometers. These filaments resulted from an intensive three year study and investigation at SIS on mass spectrometer filament life and performance. In these studies we have discovered that by alloying Rhenium with a small concentration of Yttria, the crystal structure of the rhenium material was altered, which resulted in a stronger filament that is much less susceptible to warping. The new filaments perform electrically identical to pure rhenium filaments.

For more information, please visit the SISAlloy page.

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