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Varian Filament Repair

Ion Trap Filament
Ion Trap Filament - Old Style
Saturn 4000 Filament
1200 Filament
0393161001 Filament
GD-150 Filament
EM-600 Filament


All Varian filaments can be repaired by SIS. We will completely clean the assembly and replace the filament wire or ribbon. This is not an exchange program. Your filaments are repaired and returned to you.

Even though some of these assemblies contain two filaments, the repair price for replacing both filament wires on the same assembly is the same as repairing single filaments for other instruments. For these repairs the assembly is sandblasted to remove all carbon residues and two new rhenium filament ribbons are spotwelded onto the support posts. The filament wires are aligned on a filament alignment jig to assure accurate positioning of the filaments and therefore optimum performance on your ion trap mass spectrometer.

SIS also manufactures New Ion Trap Filaments of the plug in style.

  • Standard Filament Repairs. Filaments are repaired with the standard wire that was used on the original filament.
  • SISAlloy® Filament Repairs. Filaments are repaired with Rhenium alloy (SISAlloy®) developed by SIS. SISAlloy which is an alloy of pure rhenium doped with a small concentration of Yttria. The Yttria improves the strength of the Rhenium. The electrical characteristics of SISAlloy are identical to pure rhenium, however the filament has less tendency to sag, thereby improving filament performance.
  • Yttria Filament Repairs. Filaments are repaired with a Yttria coating applied to the original wire for improved filament performance.
  • Yttria Coated SISAlloy® Filaments. SISAlloy® filament wire can be coated with Yttria for improved filament performance. Filaments coated with Yttria emit electrons at a lower filament current and therefore they run cooler. This results in longer filament life by 2 to 3 times.


Standard Procedures for the Repair of Filaments

  • Inspected upon arrival at our facilities
  • Cleaned completely
  • Damaged or broken parts repaired or replaced
  • New filament aligned & spotwelded in place
  • Not an exchange program. Your filaments are replaced and returned to you.

For a complete description of this repair service see the section on Mass Spectrometer Filament Repair and Manufacture.

New Filaments

SIS is the world's leading manufacturer of mass spectrometer filaments Using our experience in repairing many different types of mass spectrometer filaments, Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. has redesigned several of these filaments to provide filaments that are less expensive for our customers, are more durable and have a longer life, and are easier to rebuild and clean. For a list of New Mass Spectrometer Filaments manufactured by SIS see the section entitled - New Mass Spectrometer Filaments from SIS

Shipping Instructions

Package filaments carefully when sending them in for repair

Most filament glass parts and ceramic insulators are very fragile and are easily damaged during shipment. Therefore, please package all filaments carefully to avoid damage during shipment. We recommend that you package the filaments personally. Filaments should be packaged in a box at least 6 inches square using packing peanuts or bubble pack as cushioning. We recommend shipping by UPS or Federal Express for best handling.

Ship to:
Adaptas Scientific Instrument Services
9 Second Street
Palmer, MA 01069

A purchase order must be included with the filament being repaired.

Filament repair, Instrument=Agilent/Varian ITD
Part No. Description Price
1700 Standard repair $54.50
1700Y Repair + Yttria $98.00
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