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Micro-Mesh® Polycarbonate Rectification Kit

Micro-Mesh® Polycarbonate Rectification Kit
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Price: 131.93
Product ID : 3KPOLY


This kit will improve up to 100 square feet of polycarbonate so that it is more acceptable. Polycarbonate cannot be restored to optical clarity like acrylic because it so so much softer, however, it can be greatly improved with this kit.


Kit No. 3KPOLY Contents:
  • 1-5" Loop back discs, Micro-Mesh 2400
  • 1-5" Loop back discs, Micro-Mesh 3600
  • 1-5" Extra soft hook face pad with 5/16 x 24 male thread
  • 1-5" TufBuf wool polishing pad #6MLB35L3
  • 1-5" White sponge pad
  • 1-8 oz. bottle of Micro-Gloss #5
  • 1-8 oz. bottle of Micro-Gloss
  • 1-8oz. bottle of Final Finish
  • 1-8 oz bottle of anti-static cream
  • 2-Cotton Flannel Cloths
  • 1-Instructions

Additional information: Technical information on plastic finishing.

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