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MS TIP No. 13 - SuperIncos Mapped Software Print Buffer Lockup Noise


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Author: Dennis Beauchamp

Affiliation: Weston Analytics

If your Finnigan system has dual terminal operation chances are you have Mapped software. This software is a big improvement over the older revisions but it does have a few quirks. The one that I have had the most is that the printer stops printing. Turning the printer on and off and Rebooting the computer won't fix the problem but the following will.

Enter IDOS (+)

In IDOS (+) type BOOT 0:

This will put your system into the unmapped environment. Remaining in IDOS (+), delete the offending files using the DE command.

The files you will most likely be deleting are:






The easiest way to delete these files is to type the following:

+DE 1:PPQ*.* using the *wild cards will delete all PPQ files.

+DE 1:PPRTPLT*.* again using the *wild cards will delete all PRTPLT files.

After all the files have been deleted then you will need to boot back into the mapped environment.

in IDOS (+) type BOOT 1:

You now should be able to print again. When you first try to print after deleting the files there may be a delay before the printer starts to print. Be patient it sometimes takes a little time to get the printer started again.

I have seen this problem on 5100's, 4500's and Incos 50's.