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NitroFlow Lab Self Contained LC/MS Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Catalog D35
Parker/Balston® Nitrogen Generator
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  • Complete 'plug and play' generator producing up to 99.5% purity hydrocarbon and phthalate-free LC/MS grade nitrogen gas.
  • Flow Capacity to 30 LPM
  • Less expensive and more convenient than nitrogen cylinders and dewars
  • Ideal for all derivatives of ESI and APCI modes
  • Includes state of the art, oil-less compressors
  • Unlike PSA and Homsmer technologies, membrane will not suppress corona needle discharge
  • Recommended and used by all major LC/MS manufacturers
  • Special sound insulation design ensures quiet operation


The Parker Balston® LC/MS Nitro-Flow Lab is a self-contained membrane nitrogen generator that produces LC/MS grade nitrogen with output pressure to 116 psig. Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of compressors, carefully matched with filtration, and membrane separation technology components.
Intake ambient air from the laboratory is filtered using an inlet suction breather filter to remove airborne organic and particulate impurities. This purified air is delivered to a long life low pressure air compressor which provides an air stream to hollow fiber membranes which subsequently separate the clean air into a concentrated nitrogen retentate and oxygen enriched permeate, which is then cycled through the system. Prior to exiting the system pure nitrogen retentate is delivered to a nitrogen amplification compressor to assure proper pressure, flow and purity to the LC/MS.
The Parker Balston LC/MS NitroFlow Lab will deliver a continuous or on demand supply of pure nitrogen making it the smart alternative to cylinders. Superior engineering with carefully matched filtration, membrane separation and compression technologies have resulted in a system with the utmost reliability and longevity. Additional applications include: nebulizer gases, chemical and solvent evaporation, instrument supply and purge, evaporative light scattering equipment and sparging.


Maximum Outlet Pressure 116 psig (8 Bar)
Hydrocarbon Content <2 ppm (excluding methane)
Atmospheric Dewpoint -58 °F (-50 °C)
Outlet Port Female 1/4” NPT
Min/Max Ambient Temperature 50 °F/95 °F (10 °C/35 °C)
Electrical Requirements 120Vac/60Hzz/30Amp
Dimensions 27.6” x 12.2”w x 35.4”d
(70.1 cm x 31 cm x 90 cm)
Shipping Weight 204 lbs. (92.5 kg)
Nitrogen Phthalate free with flow to 30 lpm