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Newflex Vacuum Hose - Spiral Reinforced PVC Suction Hose


Newflex reinforced suction hose is widely used throughout industry for both positive and negative pressure applications. Its advanced design allows the use of light-weight, corrosion-resistant PVC to replace bulkier and heavier ply-wrapped rubber hose.

Newflex series ‘FH’ and ‘FHS’ are clear, allowing the user to have full contact with the flow of material inside. The Food Grade lines are made from FDA-approved ingredients suitable for food and beverage handling. The smooth interior is easily sterilized and cleaned. Both types have a vacuum rating of 28 in/Hg. NEWFLEX series ‘VFH’ is produced from a clear FDA core with an industrial grade white helix, which is not exposed to the hose ID. It can handle light-duty pressure discharge, gravity feed and moderate vacuum applications.


  • 100% PVC construction
  • Spiral reinforcement made from rigid PVC to resist impact, crushing and kinking
  • Lighter than ply-wrapped rubber and other similar hoses
  • Available in Food and Industrial Grades
  • Food Grade made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA, 3A and USDA standards
  • Smooth interior produces low friction loss permitting maximum flow


FH&FHS Series VFH Series
Hardness, Shore A ±5 65 70
Tensile Strength, psi 1900 2000
Elongation at Break, % 440 420
Brittle Temperature, °F -45 -42
Max. Operating Temp 150 140