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Apiezon Oil AP 201

Apiezon Oil AP 201
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AP 201 "booster" pump oil is based on a hydrocarbon oil but, unlike other Apiezon hydrocarbon oils, it is strongly resistant to oxidation. This has been achieved by incorporating an efficient antioxidant which is non-toxic and thermally very stable. The anti-oxidant was selected to have the same vapor pressure characteristics as the base oil so that it does not concentrate in either the liquid or the vapor phase when the oil is distilled.

This fluid is a hydrocarbon oil and as such can be inflammable if used carelessly. At normal atmospheric pressure and temperature it is completely safe having a flash point of 196 °C (PM.C.C.). AP 201 should be used at a boiler temperature not over 250 °C, and should be allowed to cool below the flash point before removal from the pump.


 AP 201
Ultimate Pressure obtainable, torr 4x10-5
Average boiling point, °C at 1 torr 160
Specific gravity at 20 °C
Specific Gravity at 30 °C
Density g/mL at 10°C
Density g/mL at 20°C
Density g/mL at 30 °C
Density g/mL at 40 °C
Flash Point, Pensky-Martins, oF closed (ASTM D93 and IP 36/63, open fire 385
Viscosity, dynamic at 40 °C  
Pour Point, ASTM, oF (D97/66) -22
Coefficient of expansion per °C  (a) 0.00070
Coefficient of expansion per °C  (b)  
Average Molecular Weight 310
Refractive Index at 20 °C (c) 1.4760
Thermal Conductivity w/m/ °C  
Specific heat at 25 °, cal/g 0.46

(a) over 20 °C to 30 °C (ASTM D 1903/61T)
(b) over 10 °C to 40 °C 
(c)  ASTM D 1807-62T Sodium Line


PRECAUTIONS: Apiezon Products - Health and Safety

Apiezon products have been widely and safely used in vacuum distillation apparatus in both industry and laboratories for a number of years. As a result they should not present a health hazard assuming normal standards of industrial hygiene and safety are followed in their handling.

All Apiezon products are bases on petroleum products of a low order of acute toxicity. However, certain individual develop a rash after repeated contact. Therefore, it is recommended that gloves be worn to handle Apiezon. If Apiezon material is inadvertently in contact with the skin, wipe the area carefully, then cleanse thoroughly using a mild soap. Should any Apiezon products be heated for application, vent the fumes and avoid breathing the warm vapors.

In terms of explosion and fire, Apiezon products are considered non-hazardous.


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