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New Era NE-1600 Six Syringe Pump

New Era NE-1600 Six Syringe Pump
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Features of the NE-1000 Family of Syringe Pumps
  • Fully programmable; automation capable
  • Operates stand alone or from a computer
  • Infusion and withdrawal
  • Set a single pumping rate and/or dispensing volume
  • Program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping rates, set dispensing volumes, insert pauses, control and respond to external signals and sound the buzzer.
  • Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer
  • Worldwide power supplies available
  • Motor stall detection
  • Dispensing accuracy of +/- 1%
  • 2 year warranty


Example Flow Rates (NE-1600)
Syringe Size (cc) Maximum Rate (mL/hr) Minimum Rate (µL/hr)
0.5 µL 16.66 0.001
1 34.69 0.73
3 125.7 2.646
5 265.4 5.581
10 392 8.244
20 637.6 13.41
30 838 17.63
60 1385 29.13

Sample syringe configurations, can hold an size syringes 60 cc or below

Dual Pump

Two pumps connected with a dual cable create a Dual Pump System allowing for continuous infusion or emulsification.

Part No. Description Power Supply Quantity
In Stock
NE1600US Six Channel Syringe Pump US 0*Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $1555.00
NE1600AS Six Channel Syringe Pump Australian DISCONTINUED------
NE1600BS Six Channel Syringe Pump British DISCONTINUED------
NE1600ES Six Channel Syringe Pump European DISCONTINUED------
High Speed
NE1660UH Six Channel Higher Speed Syringe Pump US DISCONTINUED------
NE1660AH Six Channel Higher Speed Syringe Pump Australian DISCONTINUED------
NE1660BH Six Channel Higher Speed Syringe Pump British DISCONTINUED------
NE1660EH Six Channel Higher Speed Syringe Pump European DISCONTINUED------
Dual Pump
DUALNE1600 Dual Six Channel Syringe Pump DISCONTINUED------
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