KDS 910 OEM Syringe Pump

KD Scientific 910 OEM Syringe Pump
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The KDS 910 Milliliter syringe pump module is highly precise and is an ideal pump for OEM applications. Two modes of operation - constant flow rate or volume dispense. Infuse and withdraw limit switches indicate when the syringe has reached the end of travel (infuse switch) or the syringe plunger has been withdrawn to its limit (withdraw switch). If either switch is activated, the pusher block movement is stopped.

Syringe diameter, flow rates, and target volumes are stored in non-volatile memory. Interface to the pump modules is through RS232.


  • Constant Current Drive offers more consistent force delivery over the entire dynamic flow rate range.
  • Independent infuse and withdraw limit switches
  • Linear Force - Minimum 25 lbs over entire range
  • Emergency stop switch at pump
  • Start/stop at pump
  • Encoder for stall detection
  • Power and run LED on the PC Board
  • Supports external run LED
  • Network up to 16 pumps
  • +/- < 0.5% Accuracy
  • Pump setting retained in NVRAM
  • Adjustable force control
  • Easily mounts to panel openings
  • Customizable syringe mechanisms available
  • Customizable chassis designs available
  • Lead Free Design, RoHS compliant
  • CE approved


Number of Syringes One
Syringe Size 0.5 µl - 60 mL
Min. Flow Rate 0.013 µl/hr
Max. Flow Rate
  • 10 mL syringe - 13.286 mL/min.
  • 60 mL syringe - 44.28 mL/min.
Linear Force 25 lbs. (peak) Adj.
Advance per Microstep 0.0827 micron (1/16 step
Max. Step Rate 4000/sec (1/4 step)
Min. Step Rate 1/3.8 sec (1/16 step)
Accuracy +/- < 0.5%
Reproducibility +/- 0.1%
Dimensions 9.5" x 4.25" x 5.3" (24.1 cm x 10.8 cm x 12.135 cm)
Weight 2.72 lbs. (1.23 kg)

Part No. Description Price
782910 Customizable ml OEM syringe pump, KDS 910, 110V/220V $1784.00