KDS 210 Infuse/Withdraw Syringe Pump

KD Scientific KDS 210 Infuse Withdraw Syringe Pump
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The KDS210 offers you more advanced features than any other infusion / withdrawal pump in its price range -- including five operating modes plus independent rate and volume settings for both infusion and withdrawal.

  • Holds two syringes, 10 µl to 140 mL each
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Knob locks/unlocks drive block for effortless, drag-free adjustment
  • Simple menu-driven setup:
    • select syringe size from displayed table
    • dispense volume
    • dispense flow rate
  • Continuous dispense volume display
  • Preset volume control and automatic shut-off
  • Settings can be reviewed or changed during operation
  • Stall detection
  • Choice of unit selection
  • Last settings stored in permanent memory
  • Built-in RS232C interface for computer "daisy chaining" up to 100 pumps
  • TTL interface for foot switch, timer, relay control, outputs for run indicator, valve control
  • Independent rate and volume settings for infusion and withdrawal
  • Multiple mode selection:
    • Infusion
    • Withdrawal
    • Infusion then withdrawal
    • Withdrawal then infusion
    • Continuous cycle
  • Optional multi-step keypad programmable feature (KDS210P)


Pump Type Infusion/Withdrawal
Max. No. of Syringes Two
Syringe Size 10 µl to 140 mL
Dimensions 28 cm x 23 cm x 14 cm (11" x 9" x 5.5 ")
Weight 9 lbs. (4 kg)
Linear Force 40 lbs (18 kg)
Advance Per Microstep 0.165 micron (1/16 step)
MaximumStep Rate (1/2 Step) 1600/sec
Minimum Step Rate 1 step/100 sec.
Accuracy +/-<1%
Reproducibility +/-0.1%
Audible Alarm Optional
Part No. Description Price
780210 "KDS 210 Infusion/Withdrawal Pump, KDS 210, 110V" $3164.00
780212 "KDS 210 Infusion/Withdrawal Pump Programmable, KDS210P, 110V" $4026.00