KD Scientific Continuous Flow Syringe Pumps


Continuous flow can be achieved using a syringe pump simply by adding a 3 way valve. A push/pull style syringe pump can continuously cycle allowing two syringes to dispense fluid while the opposite two syringes are refilling. When the end of one cycle is reached, the pump reverses and the delivery continues. This method will allow a pump to deliver continuously 24/7.

  • Legato 270Legato 270
    Push/pull syringe pump. Accomodates two syringes for infusion and two syringes for withdrawal.
  • KDS270KDS270
    The KDS270 can hold up to four syringes and can cycle continuously back and forth in a push-pull action.
  • Gemini 88Gemini 88
    The Gemini Syringe Pump offers continuous infusion or withdrawal, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the accuracy and low flow of a KD Scientific syringe pump.