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Fine Metering Valves

Catalog D25
Fine Metering Valves
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Nupro fine metering valves are designed to precisely control gas and liquid flow rates in laboratory instruments. They can be used at pressures up to 1000 psi as well as in vacuum systems. All valves are available in two styles, i.e., straight pattern and angle pattern. The ‘S’ Series Valves provide for the lowest flow range control (see table below). The ‘M’ Series is utilized for slightly larger flows. The valves can be mounted on a panel using enclosed locknut. Valves available in stainless steel or brass.


Body Material
'S' Series
Temp. Limit to 148 °C -23 ° to 204 °C -23 ° to 149 °C -23 ° to 204 °C -23 °
Pressure Limit at 21 °C 2000 psi 2000 psi 1000 psi 1000 psi
Number of turns to close 8-12 8-12 8-10 8-10
Air Flow Range at 10 psi drop 0-1.1 L/min 0-1.1 L/min 0-9.3 L/min 0-9.3 L/min
Air Flow Range at 50 psi drop 0-2.8 L/min 0-2.8 L/min 0-25.4 L/min 0-25.4 L/min
Fine Metering Valve
Part No. MaterialSizePattern Quantity
In Stock
BSS1A Brass1/16"Angle DISCONTINUED------
SSS1A Stainless Steel1/16"Angle 1$229.77
BSS1 Brass1/16"Straight DISCONTINUED------
SSS1 Stainless Steel1/16"Straight DISCONTINUED------
BSS2A Brass1/8"Angle DISCONTINUED------
SSS2A Stainless Steel1/8"Angle 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $168.75
BSS2 Brass1/8"Straight DISCONTINUED------
SSS2 Stainless Steel1/8"Straight DISCONTINUED------
BSS4A Brass1/4"Angle 1$145.00
SSS4A Stainless Steel1/4"Angle DISCONTINUED------
BSS4 Brass1/16"Straight DISCONTINUED------
SSS4 Stainless Steel1/45"Straight DISCONTINUED------
B2MA Brass1/8"Angle DISCONTINUED------
S2MA Stainless Steel1/8"Angle DISCONTINUED------
B2MG Brass1/8"Straight DISCONTINUED------
S2MG Stainless Steel1/8"Straight DISCONTINUED------
B4MA Brass1/4"Angle DISCONTINUED------
S4MA Stainless Steel1/4"Angle DISCONTINUED------
B4MG Brass1/4"Straight DISCONTINUED------
S4MG Stainless Steel1/4"Straight DISCONTINUED------
B2MA2 Brass1/8"Angle DISCONTINUED------
S2MA2 Stainless Steel1/8"Angle DISCONTINUED------
B2MG2 Brass1/8"Straight DISCONTINUED------
S2MG2 Stainless Steel1/8"Straight DISCONTINUED------

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