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Thermo SSQ/TSQ, 70 and 700, 4500 Filaments

Thermo SSQ/TSQ, 70 and 700, 4500 Filaments
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FF4500 Options=SIS Thermo 4500 Filament FF4500A Options=TSQ FILAMENT W/ SISALLOY


The Thermo filaments have been redesigned to overcome some of the shortcomings of the original filament.

This design incorporates stronger, round filament posts, which do not bend, instead of the straps used by Thermo. Bending would cause the filament to sag, lose sensitivity, and short out against the shield. In addition, we have lowered the shield approximately 0.25 mm. This also delays a sagging filament from shorting out.

  • Stronger filament posts for better filament tension
  • Harder filament ceramic body for accurate alignment


SIS is also offering this filament with our SISAlloy® wire.

SIS introduces their new Yttria Rhenium alloy filaments for mass spectrometers. These filaments resulted from an intensive three year study and investigation at SIS on mass spectrometer filament life and performance. In these studies we have discovered that by alloying Rhenium with a small concentration of Yttria, the crystal structure of the rhenium material was altered, which resulted in a stronger filament that is much less susceptible to warping. The new filaments perform electrically identical to pure rhenium filaments.

For more information, please visit the SISAlloy page.

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