Thermo/Finnigan MAT TSQ®-70, 700 Source Heater

Thermo/Finnigan TSQ®70, 700 Source Heater
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The heater source for the Finnigan TSQ70, 700 includes 4 cartridge heaters, ceramic insulators, leads and connectors. Individual cartridges (Finnigan #40005-98020) are also available should a cartridge burn out.

The source heater for the Finnigan 4500/4600 (Finnigan #40005-60270) includes 4 cartridge heaters, ceramic insulators, leads and connectors. Individual cartridges (Finnigan #40005-98020) are also available should a cartridge burn out.

Part No. Description Finnigan # Quantity
In Stock
HT7000 Heater Assembly for Finnigan TSQ-70 --- 0*Lead time for this non-stock item is approximately 5 days. $210.00
SC181 Replacement Cartridge for 4500/4600/TSQ70/TSQ700 Source Heater, 6V, 10W 40005-98020 49$45.00
REP46 4500/4600/TSQ Heater Repair --- 0Standard lead-time for non-stock items is approximately two weeks depending on the item. $102.00
TSQ® is a registered trademark of the Finnigan MAT Corp.
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