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316 Stainless Steel Pre-cut Tubing

316 SS Pre-Cut Tubing
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These pieces are cut with an electronic discharge method which leaves the ends perfectly flat, open, and burr-free. Precut stainless tubing is passivated, cleaned and rinsed.

pre-cut chromatography grade 316 stainless tubing, OD(in)=1/16
Part No. LengthID(in) Quantity
In Stock
JRT97045 50 mm0.010 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97055 100 mm0.010 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97060 200 mm0.010 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97065 300 mm0.010 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97075 50 mm0.020 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97080 100 mm0.020 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97085 200 mm0.020 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97090 300 mm0.020 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97095 50 mm0.030 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97100 100 mm0.030 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97105 200 mm0.030 DISCONTINUED------
JRT97110 300 mm0.030 DISCONTINUED------
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