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Flanging Kit for Low Pressure Tubing

Flanging Kit for Low Pressure Tubing
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Price: 247
Product ID : JR201540


Create or restore flanged tubing connections with this handy tool. It requires no electrical power, and does not weaken tubing by heating it. Use it anywhere in the lab. Dies for most common PTFE tubing sizes included, plus extra-strong steel dies for making flanges on thin-walled PEEK tubing. Complete, easy-to-use instructions included.


  • Plastic box
  • Flanging discs with:
    • 0.5 mm SS pin for PEEK tubing
    • 0.8 mm polymer pin
    • 0.8 mm titanium pin
    • 1.3 mm polymer pin
    • 1/3 mm titanium pin
  • Clean-cut tubing cutter
  • PTFE tubing, 1/16" x 0.75 mm ID, 6 feet
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