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Mass Spectrum Generator

Low Mass: High Mass: Normalize MS Peaks
Ion Masses / Intensities:


This program has been developed by Scientific Instrument Services as part of the Mass Spec Tools Collection. If you have any comments or suggestions we would like to hear from you. Contact SIS.

Directions: Key in your mass spec peaks and relative abundances in the "Ion Masses / Intensities" box below. Each peak should be entered as a separate line. Each line should contain a mass field, followed by whitespace, followed by an intensity field.

The mass range is 1 to 100,000. Abundances should be expressed in percents of the base peak, or select the "Normalize MS Peaks" check box to normalize all mass intensities relative to the most abundant peak.

Developed by John J. Manura, Scientific Instrument Services, copyright 1996-2016 Scientific Instrument Services.
Scientific Instrument Services is not responsible for any errors which may result from the use of this program.