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Search NIST 20 and Wiley MS Databases


Search NIST 20 Database for Compounds

Check whether a certain compound or class of compound exists within the NIST 20 database by entering a query here.

Text to Match: (match any part of name, CAS number without hyphens, formula, or molecular weight)
Spectra type: MS EI, MS/MS, GC RI

Note: More advanced searches are possible: noic "methyl ester" -amino .

Search Wiley MS Databases for Compounds

Use this tool to determine if a certain compound or classes of compounds exist within any of the Wiley MS databases.

(enter any part of name, chemical formula, InChI, or molecular weight)

Notes: chemical formulas must be entered in "Hill order": carbons first, hydrogens second, and then all other elements in alphabetical order (e.g. "C2H4BrCl"). Molecular weights may be entered with the required precision: 120 and 120.00 are searched within 0 and 2 digits of precision respectively.