Viton®, PTFE, and Silicone Sheets

Viton®, PTFE, and Silicone Sheets
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Price: 67.25
Product ID : VS0
S10 Options=Red Silicone Sheet|Size=1/16 TS0 Options=PTFE Sheet|Size=1/32 S11 Options=Red Silicone Sheet|Size=1/8 VS1 Options=Viton[R] Sheet|Size=1/8 TS3 Options=PTFE Sheet|Size=1/4 S13 Options=Red Silicone Sheet|Size=1/2 S14 Options=Red Silicone Sheet|Size=1/32 S12 Options=Red Silicone Sheet|Size=1/4 TS2 Options=PTFE Sheet|Size=1/8 VS3 Options=Viton[R] Sheet|Size=1/32 VS2 Options=Viton[R] Sheet|Size=1/4 VS0 Options=Viton[R] Sheet|Size=1/16 TS1 Options=PTFE Sheet|Size=1/16


Viton®, PTFE, and red Silicone sheets are now available in 12"x 12" sheets in the thicknesses listed below. These sheets are particularly well suited for cutting your own gaskets and seals. Other materials and thicknesses are available on special request.

Kalrez® and Viton® are registered trademarks of E. I. DuPont de Nemours