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Electron Multipliers
for the Varian Saturn I, II, III

  • DeTech 350DeTech 350
    For instruments: PerkinElmer Ion Trap, Varian Saturn™ I, Varian Saturn™ II, Varian Saturn™ III
  • DeTech 102NDDeTech 102ND
    For instruments: Thermo/Finnigan CH8, Thermo/Finnigan Ion Trap Detector® (ITD), Thermo/Finnigan TSQ® 70 with 20 kV dynode, Thermo/Finnigan TSQ® 700, Thermo/Finnigan ITD 700™, Thermo/Finnigan 800, Thermo/Finnigan ITS 40™, Varian Saturn™ I, Varian Saturn™ II
  • Varian Saturn Ion Trap Electron MultipliersVarian Saturn Ion Trap Electron Multipliers
    The model 4715G is an exact replacement for those used on the original Varian Saturn instruments.