ASI QuickSplit™ Automated Flow Splitters

Catalog E28-E29
ASI QuickSplit Automated Flow Splitters
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Price: 8500
Product ID : 650250010
6502500CS Flow Rate=Custom Pre-Column AS650 Inlet Flow Rate 250 µL/min 650250100 Flow Rate=1.0-5.0 µL/min Pre-Column AS650 Inlet Flow Rate 250 µL/min 650250050 Flow Rate=0.50-2.50 µL/min Pre-Column AS650 Inlet Flow Rate 250 µL/min 650250500 Flow Rate=5.0-25.0 µL/min Pre-Column AS650 Inlet Flow Rate 250 µL/min 650250010 Flow Rate=0.10-0.50 µL/min Pre-Column AS650 Inlet Flow Rate 250 µL/min


Incoming flow from the HPLC system is split by a static splitter S into low flow (LF) and high flow (HF) channels. Pressure drop across both channels is measured by low volume transducers P0, P1, and P2. The ratio of the differential pressures P0-P1 and P0-P2 are measured and maintained by automatic feedback control of variable resistor R3. The low volume of the splitter and resistors allows an accurate means to calculate and deliver a split flow rate which is independent of solvent viscosity.


  • Cost effective. Converts any analytical HPLC system to nano or capillary flow rates without the investment in a dedicated system.
  • Dynamic feedback flow control. Delivers constant split flow rate regardless of mobile phase viscosity and HPLC column back pressure.
  • Fast equilibration times. Since equilibration time is determined by the HPLC system flow, equilibration is faster and less prone to thermal errors.
  • Reproducible results. Robust and simple design of key components insures reproducible run to run results.
  • Keypad entry of split flow parameters. Push button control eliminates manual hardware adjustments and flow rate measurements.
  • Windows PC program monitors pressure and flow rate real time. Provides real time diagnostics of system performance.
  • Configurable for a wide range of flow rates. Available in a wide variety of models for both pre and post column applications.


Split Flow Ranges Pre-column: 100 nL/min. to 50 uL/min.
Post-column: 25 uL/min. to 250 uL/min.
Input flow range: 0.200 to 0.500 mL/min.
Internal volume low flow: Est. 1 uL, depends on configuration
Internal volume high flow: Est. 30 uL depends on configuration
Maximum pressure: 5,000 psi
Split flow accuracy: Max flow deviation +/- 3% or 10 nL/min. whichever is greater
Outputs: RS232
Power: 85 - 264 VAC; 47 - 63 Hz.; 60 Watts
Display: 4 line, 20 character LED
Dimensions: 6.5”W x 7.8”H x 13.6”D
Weight: 15 Lbs.

Column diameter vs. flow rate and injection volume
Column ID Column Vol. Peak Volume, k=1 Typical Injection Vol.* Typical Injection Vol Range Flow Rate for equivalent v**
4.6 mm 1500 µL 148 µL 20 µL 5-50 µL1.0 µL/min
3.0 mm 640 µL 44 µL10 µL3-30 µL0.42 µL/min
2.1 mm 320 µL22 µL 2 µL 0.5-15 µL 0.21 µL/min
1.0 mm 70 µL 4 µL 0.5 µL0.1-3 µL 47 µL/min
0.5 mm 15 µL 1 µL 150 nL 40-500 nL 12 µL/min
0.3 mm 6 µL 0.3 µL 50 nL 15-250 nL 4.2 µL/min
0.1 mm700 nL 32nL 10 nL 1-10 nL 472 nL/min
0.075 mm400 nL18nL2 nL 0.5-5 nL 266 nL/min
Column length = 150 mm, N = 13,000 *Typical injection volume = 10-30% of peak volume of first eluting peak **Maintain equivalent mobile phase linear velocity when scaling down in column diameter