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Samox® Knit-High Temp Heavy Insulated Heating Tapes

Samox® Knit-High Temp Heavy Insulated Heating Tapes
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  • High temperatures and rapid thermal response. Maximum exposure temperatures up to 1400 °F
  • Perfect for a wide range of applications including heating laboratory apparatus, gas tubing, temporary heat, valves, and more!
  • Exceptional flexibility and durability
  • Suitable for electrically conductive surfaces
  • Choice of power leads on same end or opposite ends
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Includes 9" (230 mm) long high temperature tie downs for easy installation


BriskHeat® Heavy Insulated Heating Tapes are low-watt density, electrical resistance heaters designed for temperature maintenance in laboratory applications. Heavy insulated tapes are constructed of finely stranded resistance wires, double insulated with braided Samox and knitted into flat tapes with Samox yarn The insulated tape is covered with a knitted heavy fiberglass fabric sheath. Briskheat's unique tape construction provides the flexibility necessary for laboratory applications and puts more heating surface in direct contact with the apparatus than any parallel element heating tape.


  • Maximum Exposure Temperature: 1400 °F (760 °C)
  • Samox knit and braided construction
  • Multi-stranded resistance wire for increased durability and flexibility
  • Samox outer sheath
  • Suitable for electrically conductive surfaces
  • Power lead on same end
  • Power density:
    • Widths up to 1" (25 mm): 13.1 watts/in2 (0.020 watts/mm2)
    • 1.75" (44 mm) width or greater: 7.7 watts/in2 (0.012 watts/mm2)
  • Suitable for electrical conductive surfaces
  • 120 VAC (240 VAC available on request)
  • Includes high temperature tie downs
Part No. Size A in(mm)Size B in(mm)Watts Stock/
Lead Time
UOM Price Order
BWH051020L 0.050 (13)240(610)156 DISCONTINUEDEA------
BWH051040L 0.050 (13)48 (1220)313 MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
BWH051060L 0.050 (13)72 (1830)470 DISCONTINUEDEA------
BWH051080L 0.050 (13)96 (2440)627 INACTIVEEA------
BWH101020L 1.00 (25)24 (610)313 DISCONTINUEDEA------
BWH101040L 1.00 (25)48 (1220)627 INACTIVEEA------
BWH101060L 1.00 (25)72 (1830)940 DISCONTINUEDEA------
BWH101080L 1.00 (25)96 (2440)1245 INACTIVEEA------
BWH171020L 1.75 (44)24 (610)313 MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
BWH171040L 1.75 (44)48 (1220)627 MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
BWH171060L 1.75 (44)72 (1830)940 MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
BWH171080L 1.75 (44)96 (2440)1254 MISSING PART NUMBERCALL
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