Electron Multipliers
for the Balzers Prisma

  • DeTech 343DeTech 343
    For instruments: Balzers Prizma, INFICON/Leybold Quadrex™ 100, INFICON/Leybold Quadrex 200, INFICON/Leybold PPC, INFICON/Leybold QX2000, INFICON/Leybold Transpector™ (High Performance)
  • Photonis 4775/30101Photonis 4775/30101
    For instruments: Balzers Prisma, MKS Instruments HPQ2, MKS MiniLab MS, RGA, INFICON/Leybold ELS22, INFICON/Leybold Auditor II, INFICON RGA [Quadrex 100, 200, PPC, QX2000 and Transpector (High Performance)]