Thermo/Finnigan MAT Copper and Silver Lead Wire



Both copper and silver wire are available for use on Finnigan mass spec sources. Finnigan has routinely used 0.020" diameter copper in the past for this purpose. Silver however, is a better conductor and is used by most other instrument manufacturers. In addition, silver is not as reactive with gases, such as ammonia, when used in CI operations. The silver wire being offered is pure silver and the copper is bare, uncoated OFHC hard copper.

Finnigan MAT Wire
Part No. Description Price
W29010 0.020in OFHC copper wire, 10 ft. $15.00
W289100 0.010in OFHC copper wire, 100 ft. $65.00
W19010 0.020in pure silver wire, 10 ft. $91.80

* Other wires and sizes available in the Filament Wire Section of these pages.


This product is intended to be used solely for industrial purposes. Under no circumstance is this product intended for human consumption. Scientific Instrument Services makes no representation or warranties with respect to, and shall not be liable or responsible for any injuries arising from or caused by, the consumption or use of this product, or any part or portion of thereof, for medicinal purposes or for any other intended use.

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