PEEK Precolumn Filter

PEEK Precolumn Filter
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Total biocompatibility and minimum dead volume are the advantages of this PEEK filter unit. 10-32 fitting fits directly onto most analytical columns. Protect your column from particulates which can accumulate and lead to high backpressure and peak splitting. Rated to 420 bar (6000 psi).

Part No. Description MaterialPore Size(µm) Price
JR68263 PEEK PRECOLUMN FILTER 5UM ------ $50.80
JR68264 Filter, PEEK, pre-column, frit Ti PEEK-encased 10 um ------ $55.70
JR68262 Filter, PEEK, pre-column, frit Ti PEEK-encased 2 um ------ $55.70
JR112510P5 Replacement Frits Titanium10 $39.00
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