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SIS Chromatography Sample Loops

HPLC Sample Loops
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For minimum sample and activity loss in biological or IC applications. Each loop comes complete with fittings and ferrules-ready to use.



(Valves not included)

Stainless Steel

These ultra-clean loops are supplied with extra-long nuts for ease of installation and removal. Ferrules included. All loops are rated to 350 bar (5000 psi).
Part No. Description Quantity
In Stock
JRSLV755 Rheodyne PEEK sample loop, 5 uL Capacity, 5000 psi Burst Pressure, (Valves not included) DISCONTINUED------
Stainless Steel
JRSLR114 Rheodyne Stainless Steel Sample Loop, 50 uL Capacity, for 7125, 8125, and 9125, (Valves not included) DISCONTINUED------
JRSLR11477 Rheodyne Stainless Steel Sample Loop, 50ul Capacity, for 7725 and 9725, (Valves not included) DISCONTINUED------
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