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MS-QuietBox II

MS-QuietBox II
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MS-QuietBox II™ noise reduction system available for single or double vacuum pumps which reduces noise by 15 dB(A) (75%) and maintains pump temperature with integral fans.

Maintain optimum pump temperature.Automatic thermal fans adjust speed to the ambient temperature. Designed to keep power consumption and noise levels at minimum and deliver high performance cooling only when required.

Audible & visual alarm (on a battery back-up). The MS-QuietBox II features a digital temperature display with a battery backup and audible/visual alarm as standard.

Fire resistant not fire retardant. Our high density fire ‘0’ rated foam is manufactured by impregnating standard foam with liquid carbon which is then dried leaving a fire resistant sound absorption material able to withstand various ignition sources. This end product is fire resistant not fire retardant, the difference being that fire retardant foam will burn until the ignition source is removed, whereas our foam will not burn.

3 year warranty with panel exchange. In the unlikely event of a fan failure, the simple modular design allows for an exchange panel to be sent for replacement. First contact KRSS to request your replacement panel. Once the panel arrives simply disconnect the power cable and undo the four thumb tight screws. Swap the panels and return the original panel to KRSS.


  • 3 options for pipework access
  • Digital temperature display with alarm
  • Integrated thermal fans
  • Thumb screws for quick tool free assembly

Lower exposure action values:
• Daily or weekly exposure of 80 dB(A);
• Peak sound pressure of 135 dB(A);

Upper exposure action values:
• Daily or weekly exposure of 85 dB(A);
• Peak sound pressure of 137 dB(A).

There are also levels of noise exposure which must not be exceeded:

Exposure limit values:
• Daily or weekly exposure of 87 dB(A);
• Peak sound pressure of 140 dB(A).


  • Manufactured from 6 mm UPVC
  • Sound insulation using ‘0’ fire rated foam
  • Foil lined heat resistant interior to prevent oil contamination
  • Unique flat-pack design
  • CE Marked
  • 3 year warranty
External Dimensions: MSQB2-01T Internal Dimensions: MSQB2-01T
Dimensions MM Inch MM Inch
Width 415 16.3 340 13.4
Depth 674 26.5 585 23
Height 610 24 575 22.6
External Dimensions: MSQB2-02T Internal Dimensions: MSQB2-02T
Dimensions MM Inch MM Inch
Width 415 16.3 340 13.4
Depth 815 32 725 28.5
Height 610 24 575 22.6
External Dimensions: MSQB2-03T Internal Dimensions: MSQB2-03T
Dimensions MM Inch MM Inch
Width 580 22.8 505 19.9
Depth 730 28.7 640 25.2
Height 655 25.8 620 24.4
External Dimensions: MSQB2-02DT Internal Dimensions: MSQB2-02DT
Dimensions MM Inch MM Inch
Width 645 25.4 570 22.4
Depth 815 32 725 28.5
Height 610 24 575 22.6
External Dimensions: MSQB2-07T Internal Dimensions: MSQB2-07T
Dimensions MM Inch MM Inch
Width 335 13.2 260 10.2
Depth 495 19.5 405 15.9
Height 460 18.1 425 16.7


Manufacturer ModelPN
Agilent Triscroll 300 MSQB2-03T
Triscroll 600 MSQB2-03T
Alcatel 2010SD/I/C1 MSQB2-02T
1005SD MSQB2-02T
1015SD MSQB2-02T
2005SD/I/C1 MSQB2-02T
2015SD/I/C1 MSQB2-02T
2021SD/I/C1 MSQB2-02T
2005H1 MSQB2-02T
2015H1 MSQB2-02T
2010C2 MSQB2-02T
2015C2 MSQB2-02T
2021C2 MSQB2-02T
2002I MSQB2-02T
2004A MSQB2-02T
Edwards XDS5 MSQB2-01T
RV12 MSQB2-02T
E1M18 MSQB2-02T
E2M30 MSQB2-02T
E2M0.7 MSQB2-01T
E2M1.5 MSQB2-07T
E2M18 MSQB2-02T
E2M28 MSQB2-02T
Leybold SV65BI MSQB2-03T
S1 MSQB2-01T
S5 MSQB2-01T
D2 MSQB2-01T
5E MSQB2-01T
Trivac D8B MSQB2-02T
Trivac D4B MSQB2-02T
Trivac D25B MSQB2-02T
Trivac D16B MSQB2-02T
Pfeiffer Duo 10 MSQB2-02T
Duo 2.5 MSQB2-07T
Sogevac SV40B MSQB2-03T
SV60 MSQB2-03T
Ulvac GLD040 MSQB2-01T
G100DC MSQB2-01T
Varian DS302 MSQB2-02T
HS452 MSQB2-02T
DS102 MSQB2-02T
MS40+ MSQB2-03T
DS402 MSQB2-02T
DS202 MSQB2-02T
DS42 MSQB2-02T
HS652 MSQB2-02T
HS602 MSQB2-02T
DS602 MSQB2-02T
MS-QuietBox II
Part No. For Price
MSQB201T Edwards RV3/RV5/XDS5/ E2M0.7/Ulvac G100DC/ Ulvac GLD040/ Varian MS40+/ Leybold S1/5/D2/5E/ Triscoll 300/600 $1950.00
MSQB202T Edwards RV8/RV12/E1M18/ E2M18/ E2M28/ E2M30/ Leybold Trivac D25B/ D16B/ D4B/ D8B/ D16B/ Varian DS42/ DS102/ DS202 DS302/ DS402/ DS602/ HS602/ HS452/ HS652/ Alcatel 1005SD/ 1015SD/ 2004A/ 2005SD/I/C1/ 2010SD/I/C1/ 2015SD/I/C1/ 2021SD/I/C1/ 2005H1/ 2015H1/ 2010C2/ 2015C2/ 2021C2/ 2002I and Duo 10 Pfeifer $1950.00
MSQB203T Sogevac SV40B/ SV60 $2600.00
MSQB202DT Double Box $3500.00
MSQB207T Edwards E2M1.5/ Duo 2.5 Pfeiffer $1640.00