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News: New SIS 2014 catalog, Nanoliter MALDI/TOF dispensing, heater transfer tube for Thermo, NE300 syringe pump, ...
At Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. (SIS), we provide supplies and services for mass spectrometers (MS), gas chromatographs (GC) and liquid chromatographs (LC). We publish a scientific supply catalog, provide custom services (e.g. filament repair/source cleaning) and precision custom machining for the scientific/medical markets, design and manufacture instrumentation (thermal desorption / cryo-trap / MS probe systems), and offer mass spec software. Established in 1978, we operate from NJ and PA and have dealers worldwide. (more about us...)
SIS Short Path™ Thermal Desorption system, AutoDesorb™, desorption tubes, needles, seals, connecting tubes, Tenax, conditioning oven, fittings, sample chamber, sample collection oven, GC Cryo-Trap™, purge & trap, accessories, air flow calibrator, air sampling pump, injection port liners, literature, Tenax™ breakthrough volume chart, applications, ...
MS parts and services. Custom services, MS source cleaning, filament/heaters (new and repair), heating tape, insulators, temp controllers, PRT, thermocouples, heater wire, electron multipliers, MS probes, vials, calibration compound, fuses, Micro-Mesh®, SIMION, NIST MS database, ...
SGE and VICI capillary columns, ms NoVent II, GC tubing, Cryo-Trap™, injection port liners, GC pyrolysis, column splitters, GC accessories, septa, tubing, GC ferrules, valves, Swagelok® fittings, generators, gas regulators, gas filters, SGE syringes, ...
Optimize Technologies, in-line filters, pre-column filters, guard columns, trap columns, column connectors, check valves, HPLC seals, pistons, replacement lamps, columns, unions, PEEKsil™ tubing, SGE LC columns, accessories, syringes, MEPS™, solvent delivery, fittings, ferrules, sample loops, New Objective electrospray tips, columns, sample trays, PicoView® nanospray source and accessories, fittings/connectors, HPLC maintenance kits, MatriCal™ microwell plates, ASI flow splitters, HPLC mixers, KD Scientific syringe pumps, ...
Ion gauge tubes and controllers, diffusion pump fluids, vacuum pump oils, greases, waxes, BOC Edwards and Alcatel vacuum pumps, XDS dry pump, turbomolecular pump repair kits, vacuum pump accessories, vacuum hose, SIS All-in-One two-stage vacuum pump filter kits, SIS charcoal filters and oil mist eliminators, Koby vacuum pump filter kits, oil mist eliminators, traps, cooler foreline traps, gold, platinum and copper gaskets, gold foil and gasket material, vacuum fittings, flanges and manifolds, o-rings, ...
Wheaton Glass and plastic bottles, filters, vials, glassware, pails, bottles, soil sampling, transport/packaging, gloves, bags, pipettes, tubing, handheld digital microscope, ...
Cleaning supplies: Micro-Mesh® cushioned abrasives, fiberglass cleaning brushes, ultrasonic cleaners, swabs, applicators, computer cleaning supplies, disposable low lint wipes, instrument cleaning supplies, Wheaton vial files, lab packs, SciSpec vials, bottles, ampules, cleaning and lubrication products, Dermel Moto-Tool and accessories, air eraser, miniature spot welder, tweezers, gas torch accessories, PTFE sheeting, taps, tubing, Traceable® timers, ...
NIST 11, Wiley 9, and Wiley specialty mass spectral search libraries, NIST GC library with retention indices, SIMION 3D version 8.1 and CPO electric field and charged particle optics simulation software, MS calculator, GC/MS and MASSTransit file converter, ...
Our scientific supply catalog for mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, thermal desorption, laboratory/cleaning supplies, vacuum supplies, and software. Available in print and online format.
Mass spec filament repair, source cleaning, and other services. Machining, manufacturing, and assembly.
Application notes, articles, MSDS, isotope pattern calculator, ...
Our newsletter published by Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. for the mass spec community. Contents: Pittcon 2009; New Machining Web Site; Vacuum Pump/All-In-One Filter Kits (Vacuum Pump Sale!); NIST GC Library; Celestron Digital Microscope System; ISO-Mono Isolation Valves; New 5973/5975 Source Heater
SIS products and catalog. Main categories:
  • Mass Spectrometry (MS)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Liquid Chromatography (LC)
  • Thermal Desorption (TD)
  • Vacuum Systems
  • General Lab and Cleaning
  • MS Software
Contact us, ordering info, international dealers, mail list update, literature request (catalog/newsletter), map, product support.
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Filters, vials, glassware, pails, bottles, soil sampling, transport/packaging, gloves, bags, pipettes, tubing, ...
The largest MS library. Specialty Wiley databases also available for drugs, steroids, pharmaceuticals, flavors, petrochemicals, and other compound classes.

Latest highlights in 2014...
Mass Spec Replacement Parts - NEW from Scientific Instrument Services

TSQ & LCQ Heated Capillary

S.I.S. provides a direct replacement for the heated capillary for the Thermo Fisher Scientific® TSQ & LSQ mass spectrometers, as well as direct replacements for Thermo's Capillary Sleeve and Thermo's Capillary Mount Bushing

Agilent® 5973/75 Source Heater and Temperature Sensor

S.I.S. offers a direct replacement for the 5973/75 source temperature sensor and for the heater cartridge on the 5973/75 source block. These both perform the same as the OEM's at a fraction of the cost!

AMETEK®/Dycor® RGA Filament

Direct replacement filament for the AMETEK/Dycor RGA Leak Detector & Quadrupole Instruments. This is a thoriated iridium filament that has a platinum tab that tests show yields a longer service life

Triode Mini Ion Gauge with 90° Elbow

Same as AB Sciex p/n 017355

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