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Founded in 1978 to provide mass spectrometer consumables laboratory instrument parts, filament wire, electron multipliers, capillary columns and vacuum system components at reasonable prices, SIS has grown to be a recognized leader in manufacturing assemblies, supplies and services for the scientific and medical communities worldwide. The same innovation and dedication to quality that built our early following of loyal customers is still evident in the products we make and sell, even as we expand to meet the needs of new analytical techniques.

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NEW Checkit® Pipette Accuracy Test - evaluate the accuracy of your pipettes in seconds with our convenient Pipette Checkit® cartridges
NEW DigiVac® Vapor Pressure Controller - both measures and maintains the pressure within rotovaps, or any type of vacuum system
Agilent IDP-3 Dry Pump - for 5973/5975/5977 MSD, convert from wet to dry
Ion Transfer Tubes - direct replacement ion transfer tubes for Thermo mass spectrometers
SALE SGE GC Columns - select columns 15% off until 12/31/16
BlotBot Blot Processor by Next Advance
FREE upgrade
Electron Multiplier for Agilent 5975(TAD)/5977/7000 - REDUCED price DeTech 2800
POPULAR Syringe Pumps by New Era at a low cost
POPULAR Rotary Vacuum Pump at low cost, good quality - SIS Brand
NIST 17 (2017) Identify Mass Spectra with NIST 17/2017 - World's Most Trusted Library
New filaments
or we'll repair your old filaments
Thermal Desorption Equipment for introducing Volatiles into the GC