Photonis 5901 Magnum Electron Multiplier™
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Price: 732
Product ID : 36971
36971 Photonis Channeltron [R] 5901 MAGNUM[TM] Electron Multiplier


  • Easy Replacement
  • Extended Linearity
  • Low Noise
  • Lower Cost
  • Longer Life
  • Greater Sensitivity
  • High Performance
  • Compact, On Axis Design
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Excellent Pulse Height Resolution

The Photonis Channeltron Mass Spec Detectors deliver high performance and are the preferred detector for mass spectrometers. A 100% test and inspection policy guarantees customers the highest quality and most reliable mass spectrometer detectors.


For instruments: VSW Mass Analyst Quadrupole

Notes: Pulsed counting applications

The Photonis (Burle) Magnum Electron Multiplier™ has exceptional performance to achieve optimum resolution, dynamic range, and detection sensitivity for Pulse counting applications involving the detection of charged particles and electro-magnetic radiation.

The sensitivity of your measurement is often limited by the detector. Benefiting from our exclusive SPIRALTRON. technology, Photonis' MAGNUM Mass Spectrometer detector provides the highest dynamic range in the industry, as well as delivering increased gain stability and extremely low noise. The SPIRALTRON. technology incorporates six individual spiral multiplier channels, fed by a single integral ion collection aperture. The high degree of channel curvature ensures that ion feedback noise is virtually eliminated.

Distributing the secondary electron generation over six separate multiplier channels increases the linear output current and maximum count rate, while promoting longer detector life. Photonis' proprietary glass formulation provides the industry's longest detector life. The single piece construction eliminates fastener and connection problems.

Photonis' replaceable Magnum 5901 cartridge can be installed quickly with the minimum of instrument down time. Each cartridge is specifically designed to be an exact replacement for the original detector cartridge.

The detector is also available with attached leads for prototyping applications.

High resolution, dynamic range improvements, and superior sensitivity, all from the world's largest supplier of standard, retrofit and custom detectors for mass spectrometry.


Operating Voltage 1200 - 3000 VDC
Gain (typical) 5 X 10E7 @ 2500V
Pulse Height Resolution (typical) 70% FWHM Maximum @ 3000V
Background Noise (typical value after degassing) <3x10-13 amps @3000V
Output Dark Pulses (typical value after degassing) < 0.1 count/sec @3000V
Resistance 20 - 40 MΩ @ room temperature
Linear Output Current 20 micro-amps min.
Operating Temperature Range -50° to +100 °C
Maximum Vacuum Bake Temperature (non operating) 380 °C
Vacuum 7x10-4 torr max. pressure
Details above for older #31394 model

Detector Configuration


Photonis Electron Multipliers are designed and manufactured to the highest standards in the world. It is warranted against all defects in materials and workmanship for one year after installation. In addition, if you install your electron multiplier and are not completely satisfied with its performance, return it promptly for replacement or refund.

Note: Part #36971 is the most basic with no leads attached to the body of the CEM. It replaced part #31394. Part #37029 is the same as #36971 with strap leads attached to the body.