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Mass Spec Handbook of Service - Volume II

Book - Mass Spec Handbook of Service Vol 2, SIS
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Compiled by Scientific Instrument Services

Scientific Instrument Services, Inc., 1993, 326 pp.


The Mass Spec Handbook of Service, Volume II, compiled by Scientific Instrument Services, Inc., is a collection of articles from the "Mass Spec Source" Newsletter on the maintenance and service of mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs and the Thermal Desorption System.

Volume II of "The Mass Spec Handbook of Service" is a compilation of articles which have appeared in the "Mass Spec Source" newsletter since its conception in 1983 through 1992. This volume and subsequent volumes will contain articles, procedures and notes on the maintenance, repair, redesign, modification and manufacture of any and all models of mass spectrometers and related equipment. The previous Volume I of this series was published in 1983.

This book is written for the users and operators of mass spectrometers to fill the vacuum of knowledge required to operate, maintain, and modify mass spectrometers. It is designed to be a source of information to provide procedures, new methods, ideas, and techniques for mass spectrometer operators.

While the methods and procedures contained in this volume have been successfully used as described by the authors; neither the authors, the staff of Scientific Instrument Services, or the publisher will be responsible for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of this volume nor will we be responsible for any injuries resulting while attempting to use any of the procedures or equipment involved.

Chapters - The Mass Spec Handbook of Service, Volume II

  • 1. Mass Spec Filaments
  • 2. Multipliers
  • 3. Transfer Lines, Jets, Interfaces, Splitters
  • 4. Mass Spec Maintenance and Cleaning
  • 5. Instrument Reviews
  • 6. Reference Compounds
  • 7. Vacuum Pumps
  • 8. Probes
  • 9. Computers
  • 10. Gas Chromatography
  • 11. Thermal Desorption 
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