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  • Thermo 4000 Platinum Resistance ThermometerThermo 4000 Platinum Resistance Thermometer
    This platinum resistance thermometer for the Thermo 4000 replaces Thermo #00007-89210.
  • Thermo/Finnigan Part Number Cross ReferenceThermo/Finnigan Part Number Cross Reference
    Scientific Instrument Services carries a wide selection of parts for all models of Thermo/Finnigan mass spectrometers. In order to aid you in the selection of replacement parts for your instrument, the following part number cross reference chart can be used. If a part number is not listed, it either means we do not have that part in our inventory or perhaps we are not aware of the Thermo part number in relation to our inventory. If you are looking for a part not listed below, use our Search Syst...
  • Platinum Resistance Thermometers (Catalog A28)Platinum Resistance Thermometers
    (Catalog A28)
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