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Gold - Platinum - Silver/Tin * O-Rings


Custom O-Rings available from Scientific Instrument Services (Contact Us).

Presision Manufactured O-Rings

  • Gold (99.99% pure)
  • Platinum (99.99% Pure)
  • Silver/Tin (96% Tin/4% silver)
  • Other Alloys


  • High Temperature Seals
  • Vacuum Gaskets and Seals
  • Precision Valves
Gold and Platinum Wire Ring O-Ring Gaskets

Pure gold (99.99%) and pure platinum (99.99%) wire ring vacuum gaskets can be constructed from four diameters of wire; ie. 0.020", 0.025", 0.031", and 0.040" diameters. Additional sizes are also available on special request. Any size gold gasket can be constructed from these wires. These gaskets are hand crafted in the manufacturing facilities of Scientific Instrument Services. Gaskets are constructed from these pure metals by fusing the ends of the wires. These fused joints are high precision unions that can be used to form vacuum seals on instruments on which they are installed.

Scientific Instrument Services can construct gaskets to any size to fit your requirements. for more information please contact us with your requirements. When ordering gaskets determine the I.D. as closely as possible and order using the gold diameter and your measured gasket I.D. Remember when ordering, that gold gaskets can be stretched slightly (1 to 2%) to allow snug fitting by stretching the gasket into place during installation.

In addition to custom metal alloy gaskets, polymer O-rings are also available from Scientific Instrument Services.

Gold Wire O-Rings

Pure gold O-Ring seals can be used to form vacuum seals at elevated temperatures. They have been widely used to seal heated vacuum flanges and in the manufacture of precision valves. Pure gold is the preferred material for most mass spectrometer gold gasket fabrication, including those manufactured by Finnigan MAT (formerly Varian MAT) and AEI/Kratos. Pure gold is very soft, ductile, and can be used at elevated temperatures. When used correctly, flanges can be resealed several times (especially with the thicker gaskets) and will not damage the flanges. Other materials (such as gold alloys sold by other suppliers) are either too hard and will damage the flanges or are not capable of operating at elevated temperatures. Therefore, pure gold is the only material recommended on heated flanges requiring wire O-ring style gaskets.

Scientific Instrument Services constructs standard Gold O-Rings for the scientific instrument market. See the Gold Gasket page for a list of the standard sizes available for these instruments. In addition pure Gold Wire and Foils are available.

Platinum Wire O-Rings

Platinum has many of the same properties as gold, but can be used in even higher temperature applications. These gaskets have been used in high temperature precision valves.

Silver/Tin O-Rings

Silver/Tin and Other Alloy Wire O-Rings

Wire ring gaskets can also be constructed from other materials such as Silver/Tin (96% Tin/4% silver). These gaskets have tha advantage of being inexpensive, but can not be used in heated applications above 150 degrees C. Sivler/Tin gaskets can be constructed from 0.031" and 0.062" diameter wires. Gaskets can also be constructed from other metal alloys. Contact us with your requirements. In addition Silver/Tin Wire is available from Scientific Instrument Services.



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