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Wiley Mass Spectra of Organic Compounds (SpecData) - 2004

Wiley Mass Spectra of Organic Compounds (SpecData) - 2004
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by Alexander Yarkov

The collection contains 37,055 mass spectra of organic compounds. The data resulted from quality control in combinatorial synthesis and cover a wide range of structure classes. The compounds are applied for screening purposes in drug discovery.

Each record contains:

  • Spectrum
  • Chemical structure
  • Chemical name
  • Molecular formula
  • Molecular weight (Nominal mass)
  • Base peak
  • Reference
  • Measurement condition

Mass Spectra of Organic Compounds is an exceptional value for labs focused on combinatorial synthesis.

Availability: Benchtop/SPC, Excalibur, Finnigan ICIS, Finnigan -INCOS, Finnigan Ion-Trap, Finnigan Magnum, Finnigan GCQ, Finnigan SSQ, -Finnigan TSQ, Finnigan ITS-40, Fisons VG Masslab, Fisons VG LabBase, Agilent Chemstation, NetCDF, NIST MSSEARCH, PE Turbomass, Shimadzu -QP-5000, Varian Saturn

About the Author

Alexander Yarkov, Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds RAS, -Russia.

Part No. Description Price
9780471667735 MS OF ORGANIC COMPOUNDS 2004 $2450.00

ISBN: 978-0-471-66773-5