MASSTransit by Palisade

MASSTransit by Palisade
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MASSTRANSIT MASSTransit by Palisade, Platform=Windows


NOTICE: MASSTransit is a legacy product. It generally works well, as it has over many years, but is no longer actively supported or updated by the developer. The software is provided "as is" for anyone who needs it. You may alternately consider GC/MS File Translator, although that does not support Shimadzu .qgd files and "library" formats (.L, .JCAMP, .LBR, .IDB, etc.).

MASSTransit: The Solution to GC/MS Data Translation

  • Convert GC/MS data and library between different native manufacturer formats
  • Standardize or consolidate data within a laboratory
  • Share data between data systems
  • Use older instruments with newer data systems
  • A command-line interface for batch-mode operation is also included.

Your Agilent ChemStation doesn't speak to your Varian Saturn? It will with MASSTransit, which translates gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) data and library files between formats used on OEM data systems. MASSTransit performs conversion of a wide variety of instrument manufacturer formats including Agilent, Finnigan, Varian, PerkinElmer as well as most popular after-market data systems.

Figure: MASSTransit preview of GC (top) and MS (bottom) data being converted. GC data for a selected mass range is highlighted in blue and TIC is in black.
Figure: MASSTransit chromatogram file conversion type selection.
Figure: MASSTransit chromatogram library conversion type selection.

GC/MS Formats

MASSTransit can read (convert from) these GC/MS file types and also write (convert to) the formats marked (write).

  • Agilent .D ChemStation (write)
  • Andi-MS .CDF netCDF (write)
  • Anelva .PAR AGS-7000
  • Anelva .PAR AGS-7000 (DOS)
  • Automass .SPA (write)
  • Balzers .SCB QuadStar
  • Balzers .SBC QuadStar
  • EPA .EP (write)
  • Extrel .MS Merlin
  • Finnigan .MS GCQ
  • Finnigan .MI INCOS
  • Finnigan .DAT Ion Trap
  • Finnigan .MS ITS-40 (write)
  • Finnigan .MS Magnum (write)
  • Finnigan .DAT SSX (write)
  • Hitachi .MCH
  • Hitachi .MSF MS Filer
  • Hitachi .MAT M-4100
  • HP .D ChemStation (NT)
  • HP .HP2 RTE
  • JEOL .HED Complement (write)
  • JEOL .SPE K9
  • JEOL .DAT DA-5000
  • JEOL .DAT DA-6000
  • JEOL .LRP GCMate (write)
  • JEOL .HED Mario
  • Kratos .RN DS90
  • Kratos .RUN Mach3
  • MatLab .MLT (write)
  • Mass Evolution .SPE
  • Mass Evolution .HRD EZScan
  • MassLib .MLJ JCAMP (write)
  • MSS .MSS (write)
  • Nermag .SPE SIDAR
  • Netzsch .NTZ
  • Palisade .PAL BenchTop/PBM .PAL (write)
  • PerkinElmer .MSS QMass-910 (write)
  • PerkinElmer .RAW TurboMass (write)
  • Shimadzu .Xnn PAC200
  • Shimadzu .Rnn QP-5000 (write)
  • Shimadzu .QGD GC Solutions
  • Shrader .LRP
  • Shrader .LRP/Windows (write)
  • Teknivent .RAW Vector/1
  • Teknivent .TKF Vector/2 (write)
  • Teknivent .V2S Vector/2
  • Text .TXT (write)
  • Thermo .RAW XCalibur (1)
  • Varian .MS Saturn (write)
  • Varian .SMS Saturn 5 (2)
  • Varian .XMS Saturn (Extended) (write) (2)
  • VG .DAT 11-250 (write)
  • VG .JDX JCAMP (write)
  • VG .HDR LabBase
  • VG .RAW MassLab (write)
  • VG .RAW MassLynx (write)
  • VG .RAW MassLynx Processed
  • VG .LGH ThermoLab
  • VG .PS ThermoLab
  • (1) Requires Xcalibur be installed on the same computer. Tested on Xcalibur 1.4. MSFileReader does not appear to work as a substitute for Xcalibur. Note: Xcalibur also includes a utility called "xconvert.exe", which can convert .raw files to/from .cdf (AIA/netCDF) format.
  • (2) Requires ws*.dll files from Varian Workstation. These can also be obtained from the freeware NIST AMDIS.

MS Library Formats

MASSTransit can convert between (from and to) these mass spectral library files.

  • Agilent .L ChemStation
  • Andi-MS .CDF netCDF
  • Finnigan .LBR GCQ
  • Finnigan .LIB ICIS
  • Finnigan .LS INCOS
  • Finnigan .LIB Ion Trap
  • Finnigan .LBR ITS-40
  • Finnigan .LBR Magnum
  • HP .HPJ Unix (JCAMP)
  • Hitachi .LB M-80B
  • Hitachi ._LB M-4100
  • Hitachi .DAT PC-Lan
  • JEOL .MST JMA-3500
  • Palisade .SPC BenchTop/PBM
  • PerkinElmer .IDB TurboMass
  • Shimadzu (1) .LIB QP-5000
  • Varian .LBR Saturn
  • VG .IDB LabBase
  • VG .IDB MassLab

Note: Maximum size on a user library is 1000 entries (not suitable for commercial libraries).
(1) Shimadzu Class5K private library format

Ask us about your system. If you e-mail us one or more sample data files, along with the name of the instruments you are converting from and to, we can do a trial conversion for you.


System Requirements

Runs on most Windows-based PC's, including Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (including 64-bit).


Ask us about your required conversion. If you e-mail us one or more sample data files, along with the name of the instruments you are converting from and to, we can do a trial conversion for you and e-mail you back the results. We recommend doing a trial conversion on your actual data before purchasing.

Note: This product now is sent via electronic download. There is no shipping.

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