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GC and GC/MS File Translator Pro™

GC and GC/MS File Translator Pro™ Software
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Product ID : 12149DL
12149DL GC, GC/MS File Translator Pro, Media=Download only


  • Translate between various MS and GC/MS file formats.
  • View chromatograms, spectra, and header metadata.
  • Conversion and filtering options.

Now you can share, import, and export your gas chromatography (GC) and GC-Mass Spec (GC/MS) data files easily without worrying about file incompatibilities. This program reads and write files from a variety of popular GC and MS file formats listed below.

Version 6.1 (2012-06-22)

File Formats Supported

Input formats: Data can be read in the following formats:

  • ASCII text (.*)
  • Agilent (HP) Chemstation GC/MS, MS, GC or LC (.d/.ms)
  • Beckman Gold CE (.chr)
  • Chromperfect GC or LC (.??r)
  • EasyChrom GC or LC (.*)
  • Finnigan ICIS GC/MS or MS (.dat)
  • Finnigan GCQ MS, Saturn MS (.ms)
  • Finnigan Incos MS (.ms)
  • Finnigan ITDS MS (.dat)
  • Note: Thermo Finnigan Xcalibur .raw is not directly supported, but you can use Xcalibur's xconvert.exe to convert to/from .cdf format as a separate step. GC/MS File Translator can work with .cdf.
  • Galactic Grams GC/MS, MS (.spc), GC or LC (.gcm)
  • Inficon GC/MS or MS (.acq)
  • JCAMP-DX GC/MS, MS, or GC (.jdx)
  • Kratos Mach3 GC/MS or MS (.run)
  • Magnum MS
  • netCDF GC/MS, MS, GC or LC (.cdf)
  • PE TurboMass GC/MS or MS (.raw)
  • Shrader/GCMate GC/MS or MS (.lrp)
  • Shimadzu MS (.d??).
    Note: Shimadzu GCMS Solutions .qgd is not supported (see MASSTransit instead).
  • Varian Saturn 2000 GC/MS or MS (.sms)
  • Varian Saturn XMS GC/MS or MS (.xms)
  • Varian Star GC (.run)

Output formats: Data can be saved in the following formats:

  • ASCII GC signal (.*)
  • Agilent (HP) Chemstation GC/MS, MS (.d)
  • Agilent (HP) Chemstation GC Type 138 signal (.d)
  • Agilent (HP) Chemstation LC Type 233 signal (.ch)
  • Agilent (HP) Chemstation GC Type 331 signal (.ch)
  • Chromperfect GC signal (.??r)
  • EasyChrom GC signal (.*)
  • Excel spreadhseet GC signal (.xls)
  • Finnigan ITDS GC/MS or MS (.dat)
  • Finnigan GCQ, Saturn GC/MS or MS (.ms)
  • Galactic Grams GC/MS or MS (.spc) or GC (.gcm)
  • JCAMP-DX GC/MS, MS, or GC (.jdx)
  • netCDF GC/MS, MS, or GC (.cdf)
  • Varian Saturn 2000 GC/MS or MS (.sms)
  • Varian Saturn XMS GC/MS or MS (.xms)


The software is customizable to perform extractions of spectral records, total ion chromatograms, and selected ion traces. Data filter, batch and command line processing options exist.

Figure: Main screen, showning conversion of a data file between two formats.

Figure: Features to preview input or output data file.

High-resolution output: Your data are only as impressive as your presentations. Poor export capabilities of commercial processing packages restrict your ability to produce high quality slides, publications, etc. Only one native software package supports graphics exports in vector format for colored, high resolution images. This limits you to fuzzy, bitmapped images, screen capture, or dot matrix printouts, which require extensive cutting and pasting. GC, GC/MS File Translator Pro™ allows you to extract whatever data you need to produce professional quality graphics, either in ASCII format for import into your favorite graphics package, or for import into a chromatographic processing packages which satisfies your needs.

GC, GC/MS File Translator Pro™ in Research: Complete Access to all Data Aids Evaluation of Experimental Processing Strategies
Experimental data processing objectives such as pattern recognition, comparative library evaluation, or advanced signal filtering can now be tested for data collected with a variety of popular acquisition packages. Such tests necessitate complete access to all data, which often is limited by capabilities of data processing software rather than information contained in data files (e.g. display may be graphic, while actual numeric data are inaccessible). With GC, GC/MS File Translator Pro™ numeric data can be recovered from data files for further processing as required.

Delayed Processing and Background Processing
GC, GC/MS File Translator Pro™ allows you to process data in the background while you are simultaneously working on other tasks. Instead, you may chose to add several lengthy translations to the programs job list and delay their execution until your system is idle. All translation jobs can be configured independently.

Configuration Options and Integrated Data Filter
The translation settings dialog allows you to review information contained in source file headers and to customize format translations according to your specific needs. Options include partial extraction of selected retention time windows or record ranges, review and modification of comment and operator text entry fields, and data editing via customized y axis factor and offset values. For export in ASCII format, data sets can be reduced to accomodate limitations of commercial spreadsheets and graphics programs (which typically are sometimes limited to 8000 data points).


Please contact us before ordering to inquire if your particular GC/MS data system formats are supported. We recommend you e-mail us an example data file, and we'll run the conversion and e-mail you back the result.

Demo Version: download demo version (6.3). NOTE: the demo version is severely limited in that it will only translate the first 50 records (scans) in a GC/MS data file, but it provides an idea of the user interface and conversion options. The full version does not have this limit.

System Requirements

Supported on Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vista, XP, 2000.

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