CPO “BEM” Charged Particle Optics Simulation Software

CPO-Charged Particle Optics Software
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CPO is a general purpose particle optics simulation package,somewhat like SIMION, but based on the Boundary Element Method (BEM) of field calculation. It is especially suitable for systems requiring space-charge limited cathode emissions or high accuracy field calculations.

Electric field calculations
Electric field calculations are based on the highly accurate Boundary Element Method (BEM). BEM computes fields within the 3D volume indirectly from electrode surface charges computed on a surface mesh (thereby avoiding the complexities of3D volume meshes in FEM). Accuracy is proven with over 200benchmark and other examples.

Space-charge limited cathodes/guns
Space-charge limited cathodes and guns are handled where the electric field and space-charge trajectories are mutually dependent, requiring iterative self-consistent solutions. Various types of thermionic and field emission (e.g. Child’s Law and Fowler-Nord-heim) cathode properties are built-in.

Developed continuously since 1974 by one of the leading re-search groups in electrostatic systems (University of Manchester, UK), CPO contains a vast range of capabilities and options supported by a comprehensive help system and examples. Examples and applications include electrostatic lens and aberration calculations, RF quadrupoles and analyzers, guns, dielectrics,and secondary emission effects.

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Part No. Description Price
CPO3 CPO-3D (3D, non-space-charge) $4000.00
CPO3S CPO-3DS (3D, space-charge) $8000.00
CPO3SF CPO-3DS (3D, space-charge) Full $16000.00
CPO3A CPO-3D (3D, non-space-charge) (academic pricing) $2400.00
CPO3SA CPO-3DS (3D, space-charge) (academic pricing) $4800.00
CPO3SFA CPO-3DS (3D, space-charge) Full (academic pricing) $9600.00
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