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Product ID : 4001130100
4001130100 Standard Threaded Solvent Filters - Stainless Steel, Fitting Size=1/8"/3.18mm Stem, Pore Size=10μm, Filter OD=1/2"/12.7mm, 1 Unit=Package of 5 filters


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  • PerfectPeak® Solvent Inlet FiltersPerfectPeak® Solvent Inlet Filters
    Description PerfectPeak® Solvent Inlet Filters offer a wide variety of options and benefits to meet your desired HPLC/UHPLC system protection: Standard 2 and 10 μm porosity for HPLC, with option of 0.5 μm for UHPLC Variety of alloys such as stainless steel for standard use, as well as titanium or corrosion resistant Hastelloy® for bio-inert applications Uniform pore distribution and anti-clog design to keep your equipment running at full capacity All metal construction for maximum durabilit...