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Welcome to Adaptas

February 8, 2019

Dear SIS Customer:

It is my pleasure to inform you that Scientific Instrument Services, Inc. announced on January 31, 2019 that it is changing its corporate name to Adaptas Solutions on a worldwide basis, effective immediately. The press release can also be viewed at PR Newswire.

"Adaptas Solutions exemplifies our highly flexible and adaptable, vertically integrated design and manufacturing model that delivers ultra-responsive service, exceptional technical support, and Solutions. "As we began to grow our product portfolio and contract services through acquisitions, it became apparent that a new name would allow us to unite our brands and emphasize our value to customers."

Adaptas Solutions' businesses, which will continue to sell products under their individual brands, include:

  • Detector Technology (DeTech): A leading supplier of high-performance channel electron multipliers and design and manufacturing services. The business also produces automation and fluidic handling solutions for lab instrumentation.
  • ETP Ion Detect®: The world's leading discrete dynode electron multiplier brand for high performance mass spectrometers.
  • Scientific Instrument Services (SIS): A manufacturer of filaments for mass spectrometers and distributor of equipment.

A new website is live at that describes the company's strategy, products, and operations.

This brand transition will not have an impact on your order and fulfillment process. Please continue to use your present purchasing channels and work with your existing sales representatives or distributors. Any questions concerning the brand change should be directed to (Chris Baker: ) or (Sarah Hull: ).

We believe the new Adaptas Solutions brand will serve as a unifying force for our organization and will help accelerate the development of innovative products and services that offer greater value to your business.

Jay Ray
President and Chief Executive Officer